Yoga: Why Is It Good For You

Yoga is an ancient practice and its roots go way back to Indian culture and traditions. The word “Yoga” actually means union or union with divine. It is a spiritual process in which you connect with your soul and try to achieve inner peace. However, in modern times the concept of yoga has totally changed. Most importantly, the concept of spirituality has totally been ripped out of it and it is more about a bunch of people exercising and stretching. For a common man, yoga is about people putting their legs behind their heads and rolling about in that posture. However, yoga is not just about flexibility. It offers so much more than just stretching and flexing the body. It helps achieve peace of mind, it reconnects you with your self, and it brings inner peace. Different ages, sizes, and levels of people can try yoga; it’s not just for young, athletic people. If you think yoga is not for you, then you might want to consider the following reasons and start practicing yoga.

  1. It’s a Great Workout

One of the most obvious reason to do yoga is because it is a great workout. There are different styles and levels of yoga. You can choose one according to your own comfort level. No matter which one you choose, it will be a great workout practice. For beginners there are even some general postures and stretches. You can try these when you start. The point here is there is no reason for you to avoid yoga. You should opt for it as soon as you possibly can.

  1. It Gets You in Touch With Your Body

Most of the yoga exercises are about stretching your body and making it more flexible. When you do yoga on a regular basis, it helps you tone up your body. The physical fitness is one of the main benefits that come along with it. When your body is more flexible, you feel more healthy and fit. No matter what age you are, yoga is helpful in toning your body and relaxing it as well. This way you get to know your body well. The peace and calm that comes with it is an extra bonus. You just need to be patient while you practice it.

There are different levels and types of yoga one can opt for. You should go with the one that suits your body most. If you are not comfortable with any exercise, it’s better to drop it. Stretching at a certain level is easy but for some people it gets really uncomfortable so don’t push your body too much and just be relaxed and comfortable when you practice yoga.

  1. It Can Help Your Breathing Technique

One of the major parts of yoga is breathing, which is also known as pranayama. During different exercises, breathing is intentionally taken in different patterns. For example in some positions you take in deep breaths while in others you release it out on purpose. During our normal routine we are not consciously aware of our breathing. It’s just a habit and routine for us. We don’t think when we breathe. But in yoga we consciously and intentionally take deep breaths. It helps regulate our blood flow. It’s as if taking in fresh air cleans your inside and makes it more pure. In this way, you actually purify your internal system and processes.

Other than that, it is also very beneficial for asthma patients. Many doctors and physicians recommend yoga for these patients. It evens out their breathing and purifies their lungs. In this way they get to breathe easily and they feel healthy.

In many stress management classes, yoga is discussed with great emphasis. When you take in deep breaths, it actually calms your mind and brings peace. In that phase, a person does not feel angry at all. Many practitioners recommend that whenever you feel angry or when you are mad at someone, just start taking deep breaths and count to 10. This improves your anger and stress management.

  1. It Can Improve Your Sleep

Another perk that comes with yoga is that it improves your sleep. Different styles of yoga are designed to be practiced a little while before you hit the pillow. The theory is that all the stretching and motion actually relaxes your body and you sleep really well when you are more relaxed. Since these postures and movements are designed for pre-naptime they are very light and can be done very easily.

Some people experience different pains in a certain sleeping position. For instance, in the back or arm muscles. When you stretch and do yoga before sleep, these pains could go away since you have done all the stretching and relaxing exercises. There are many cases reported where yoga is used as pain therapy and it actually helps in sleeping and reducing unnecessary pains.

  1. It Will Improve Your Posture

Nowadays most people spend extensive time at their office tables and laptops. In 90 percent of cases, they disturb or lose their straight posture. That’s because they spend so much time tilted over their work they forget how they are sitting. When it becomes their habit, it not only destroys their erect posture but also leads to back pain and muscular pain. Doing yoga on a regular basis will keep your posture straight and erect. It also helps you remember you have to sit straight even if you are working in the office. You must have seen many people with hunchbacks or the possibility of getting them. Incorrect posture is one of the main reasons people end up with it. In some cases it is genetic but in others it is the incorrect posture which destroys the whole image.

  1. It Can Develop Your Physical and Mental Strength

Another main benefit of practicing yoga is that it helps improve your physical and mental health. When you do yoga on regular basis your body becomes more flexible and gains more strength. When you sit in one position in yoga for a longer period of time, you actually gain patience and strength. This strength comes from within. Stretching in different positions and retaining that pose for a longer period of time actually helps your body to bare difficult situations and instances. Deep breathing improves your mental health because when you take deep breaths, your mental capability improves. Also, you get peace of mind and serenity. This also helps release stress and any other frustration or anger you might have.

  1. Meditation Can Change Your Life for the Better

Meditation is the key to all yoga exercises. No matter which type or level of yoga you are trying you need to focus on that as much as possible. Meditation is the best way to do that. For meditation you don’t need a specially arranged dark room with candlelight and some Sufi music. All you need in a quiet corner where there is no noise and no one can disturb you. People even prefer to do it outdoors in open air. Some find it very peaceful to meditate outdoors. They feel closer to nature like this. People who practice meditation outside really focus on their inner peace and calm and also get to appreciate the nature surrounding them. However, it is very important to find a separate space even when you are outside.

  1. Helps to Stay Focused

There is too much hustle and bustle in life these days. People have so much to do they can’t focus on anything at one point in time. Yoga is one of the best way to improve the focus of the person. Especially because when you meditate it is all about focusing on a single thing at that time. Other than that, other yoga exercises stress gaining focus. For instance, in each exercise, whether it is stretching, standing, or sitting in a particular position, it is advised to stay focused on yourself and your breathing. This activity, when repeated again and again, helps you in normal life too. Especially when you are working on different projects at one time or you have multiple responsibilities to fulfill and you sometimes lose focus. When you practice yoga, your focus stays firm and you never lose track of things you are supposed to do.

Yoga is one of the best workouts you can opt for. It improves not only your mental capabilities but also provides you with physical fitness. Your balance and focus issues are also resolved when you opt for yoga. Many people prefer to go to the gym in order to tone up their body or reduce weight. However, yoga is a much better option. It not only helps you get in shape but it also provides relaxation and peace of mind.

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