Why is Yoga useful during pregnancy?

Health is wealth. This is something that is known and accepted globally. Only a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy offspring. This is also a well-known fact. Nowadays, mothers all over the world take care of themselves during those “Nine Months.” It is just one of the essential precautionary measures to the child, a rocking and friendly health.

Moving on, let us consider how a mother can benefit a child with excellent health. There are a few measures to be considered here. First of all THE DIET! Yes, diet plays a very important role. The importance of diet lies in the nutrition you intake. The diet must be high in Vitamins, especially Vitamin C and D, which ensure strong bones for the newborn. They also help in the building up of the circulatory, muscular, and nervous systems.

But let us think a bit. Does diet alone ensure prenatal strength? No, it doesn’t! With a strong diet, exercise is also pretty necessary, or you will just be adding a bulk of fat to your body. Classifying further, what kind of exercise is sufficient to take care of the newborn and yourself, too? It could be jogging, lifting weights, cycling or aerobics. But all these exercises have a factor of danger in them. You could risk losing the child, even.

One of the best exercises is the Hindu developed yoga for prenatal structure. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice, which makes sure that a sound body collaborates with a sound mind. Let us look at some of the benefits yoga has on the pregnant mother.

  1. Inner Body Strength and Stamina


The first and foremost purpose of any exercise should be the development of the body’s inner strength and stamina. It is very easy for a normal person to carry out such exercises where the body and mind are at peace. But it is definitely a bit difficult to work out in different postures if another being is growing within you. In such a situation, yoga exercises that strengthen the hips, muscles, back, arms and shoulders are deemed much more important than any other kind of exercises that you might have done to show your biceps.

  1. Improved Respiration


Giving birth involves a lot of pressure on the lungs. When you are on the birthing table, the doctor has to tell you to retain a strong breathing activity or you might get tired while pushing instantaneously. Yoga exercises for the prenatal women help them develop stamina and manage the shortness of breath in the labor room. A calm mother gives birth to a calm baby.

  1. Attaining Flexible Musculature


Another benefit you attain while practicing yoga is stretching a little bit every day. This is extremely necessary and has to be carefully done. The stretching has a huge benefit for the mother. Firstly, it improves the circulation within the body, but surely, any exercise does! But yoga’s exercises for stretching help while pushing the baby out and having a normal birth. The hip muscles if not flexible enough get tired and the mother has to sometimes go for a Cesarean delivery. Thus, to avoid a surgical procedure make sure that you develop a habit of practicing your yoga in order to help your hip muscles.

  1. Balanced Hormonal System


Another important factor in pregnant ladies is hormonal imbalance. It might also be due to deficiency of hormones in the diet or even worse depression. Progesterone and Estrogen are two very important hormones for ‘to be mothers.’ A balance of both these hormones is necessary and yes, it can be achieved via yoga.

  1. Yoga Calms the Nervous System


Calm your neurons using yoga. The brain and the rest of the nervous system are responsible for everything that goes from A to Z while you are pregnant. Our nervous systems have different modes that work on different levels. There is a mode called parasympathetic mode, which aids a pregnant woman. It helps her breath, circulation system, helps her move her joints and muscles, keeps her mood in control and lastly, keeps her from tiring out when she is having a go! Prenatal yoga helps in building up the parasympathetic mode. It leads to better digestion (pregnant women are extremely averse to food near the end of the nine months), better sleep, and a better immune system. Mood improvement is one of the star benefits of yoga, which triggers a feeling of deep relaxation.

  1. Knowing Yourself Better!


If you know your body, you know its strengths and weaknesses. Yoga helps you get to know yourself better. It helps you in knowing what posture would be the best while giving birth or how to handle yourself when your water breaks.

  1. Benefits of Yoga Classes


You don’t have to do it all alone at your home. It doesn’t mean that you cannot work on yoga by yourself, but it is always useful to have peer support. Joining yoga classes helps you get in touch with other people going through the same phases or let’s say experiencing something different. It might be positive, or it might be negative. Either way, you’ll know how to improve it or avoid it. You will also have a chance to discuss your own troubles and, you know what, it might turn out to be fruitful.

  1. Improving Sleep


Prenatal yoga has an amazing way of improving the sleep of the said mother. All of the above features are important, but if you are not getting enough sleep, sadly, you are not getting anywhere. Yoga exercise always improves sleep, which in turn ends prenatal stress and anxiety for you. Lastly, the mental preparation for the birthing process is another thing you might attain while practicing yoga.

On the whole, yoga is a complete package that not only ensures that you remain calm, safe, and happy but also makes sure of the fact that by the end of those 9 months you are rewarded with a sweet angel that you worked so hard for!




Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

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