Yoga Nidra and Consciousness Chakras in Yoga Nidra

On my recently released CD, “Experience Yoga Nidra” (formerly on cassette tape) I use the mantras (specific sound syllables) linked to each chakra.

as soon as I began to make “Experience Yoga Nidra” while teaching in america, the Indian musician Roop Verma was inspired to record the historical musical symbols of the chakras. He was to do this. This unique music has been combined during the deep Yoga Nidra with my text and guidance.

Chakras in many cases are spoken of in connection with Kundalini Yoga, a set of meditations and techniques that can be used to harmonise and awaken the psychic energy. (The name Kundalini Yoga, nevertheless, is additionally used as the hallmark of a modern movement – although they just instruct regular yoga).

Kriya Yoga may be the most profound and powerful type of Kundalini Yoga.

The chakras have affiliated areas in the brain. When they harmonised and are relaxed during Yoga Nidra, the release of unwanted states including confusion and lack of focus starts. Those who awaken their chakras through meditation and yoga, open up to a formerly unknown ability for imagination, insight and communicating.





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