Yoga includes many facets

Yoga includes Asanas, and many facets, are only one of the many parts of Yoga. Many pupils that have outstanding flexibility accept they battle with another part of Yoga – such as: The pupil who only can not calm down to meditate, balancing in Yogic Philosophy, Pranayama, asanas, and so on.

Sadly, I’ve found many promising Yoga professionals stop practicing Yoga, because of competitive mindset. Within their own thoughts – they were in competition with every pupil in their Yoga teacher, the course and, perhaps also.

Basically, we can say union of body, head, and spirit. That could be a different post, although there are many more explanations about union. Additionally, there are many divisions of many kinds of union, Yoga and, consequently, but competition is far from union.

The egotism is enhanced by rivalry, and the ego is only part of your character. The self doesn’t need to share anything and is our societal mask.

Recall, the next time you begin to feel envious of teacher or another pupil – that isn’t union. If anything, it is going to hold you back from many invaluable contributions and union that Yoga can make to your life.

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