Yoga helps to lose weight

Although yoga’s original purpose was not weight loss, it is quite effective at not only helping you shed pounds, but also making the issue of extra kilos disappear on its own. Yoga can assist in dropping weight while also delivering a fit and strong body.

The standard impression of the weight loss process is markedly negative. People imagine starvation diets, cutting out favorite foods forever, drill-sergeant personal trainers yelling to do more exercises faster. Weight loss, according to these usual ideas, involves exhaustion, aching body and deprivation.

On the other hand, it is possible to lose weight and strengthen your body without all the pain and stress. Yoga provides all of these physical benefits while also bringing pleasure and relaxation into your life.

How does yoga help you lose weight while having an enjoyable, stress-reducing time?

Physical and Mental Effects of Yoga

1 – During one standard yoga class at a gym, you can burn between 250 and 500 calories. The continuing metabolism boost of increased muscle mass can help you burn even more.

2 – Since yoga relies on such concentration and deliberation while doing the poses and moves, you not only get a great physical workout, your mental state can improve as well. Also, the fat burning processes in your body get a real boost of 20 to 30%.

3 – The practice of doing asanas in yoga, which are postures or poses instead of movements, deepens your connection to your body and works with your own natural weight to improve every muscle throughout your body. You will not get pumped up like bodybuilders but instead have a feeling of strength and harmony in every muscle system.

4 –Modern western men and women are used to a more active workout so may feel more comfortable with Ashtanga, Universal or Hatha yoga that emphasis movement more than asana poses. Coming from a sedentary lifestyle to yoga for the first time, the practitioner may not be ready to undertake some of the moves. Increasing overall activity levels through yoga classes is very helpful for creating strength, improved health, total relaxation and the shavasana, or corpse pose, yoga position.

5 – Most beginner’s moves are quite accessible to people of all fitness levels. Doing yoga can be fun not only because you are accomplishing better health, but also because of “muscle joy,” a condition described by Pavlov originally.

6 – Because yoga can be so pleasurable, rejuvenating and relaxing, you might be drawn to more and more sessions with the yoga instructor. Luckily yoga practices do not require hours and hours of work, so you will still have plenty of time for bike rides and dancing. This drive to do yoga more frequently will be greatly beneficial in your quest to lose weight and gain health because the more you do a physical activity, the greater the benefit.

7 – Asanas work every part of the body, so yoga is very beneficial for changing your entire body structure and physique. Some poses work on the flexibility and slimness of the waist area while others make leg muscles stronger. Proper alignment and strength of the spine and back are frequently triggered with yoga poses. The end result is a strong, streamlined body in which all body systems work harmoniously with one another.

8 – Not only does yoga work out muscles and joints, but it has also been shown to have a positive effect on the endocrine system. The pituitary gland, adrenal glands, exocrine glands like those that produce sweat and even mixed glands like gonads and the pancreas are all helped by regular yoga practice. It is the one exercise regimen that balances your entire body down to the cellular level and creates a significant boost to health overall.

9 – Yoga increases metabolism just like it was mentioned in paragraph 1 above. Not only do the physical movements, poses and subsequent increased muscle mass give it a boost, the deep breathing and mindfulness improves blood oxygenation and nutrient dispersal throughout the body systems.

10 – Asanas exist that are designed to stimulate and regulate the function of organs inside the body. This means that people who do yoga can have improved digestion after doing several days’ worth of twisting and stretching poses.

11 – This improved digestion, increases nutrient absorption and renewed vigor will lead you to naturally change eating habits as well. Your appetite will naturally decrease and your cravings will reduce in frequency. Because you will feel more in control and in tune with your body, you can better regulate what you put into it.

12 – Stress is one of the biggest triggers when it comes to unhealthy eating or bad health practices. All aspects of yoga help to reduce stress considerably and create a more harmonious lifestyle. You will begin to treat your body, mind and spirit with love and care and will reduce bad habits as you go. The result is a natural, gradual and healthy change to your weight, mindset and appearance.


As you can see, yoga is a comprehensive health-building practice that not only helps you lose weight, but also gets rid of the potential problems of extra kilos in the future. All this while reducing stress and improving your mind as well!



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