Yoga gives you the capacity

You do not need to fall into the tension way of life. You can use breath to relax, rather than tension, your body and mind. Yoga gives you the capacity to relearn that state that is natural that head and your body are interested in being in: easiness.

Deep breathing is both energizing and relaxing. The energy you are feeling from a couple of minutes of attentive respire isn’t hyper or nervous, but that serene, steady energy we need.

Entire books have been composed on yoga breathing. (Read through the directions many times before you attempt the practice.)

1. Sit with your back as straight as possible. Use a seat if needed but do not fall off into it. Feet flat on the floor with knees right over the middle of your feet. Use a publication if they don’t rest on the floor or pillow under your feet.

2. Shut your eyes lightly and let them rest behind closed eyelids.

3. Feel your ribs growing outside and upward, your lungs filling up. Feel your ribs, your lungs emptying. Do not shove on the breath.

4. Initially, set a time aside at least one time a day. You will need to do it at other times too when you learn how great it makes you feel.

Relaxing for several minutes every day slowly carries over into the remainder of your daily life and actions, as one nerve-racking scenario goes into your next challenge.

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