Yoga and health

It has been established that yoga is a great influence on the spiritual development of a person. But its impact on health is no less important. Therefore, yoga has long been used by wise men to cure diseases, as well as to restore the work of systems and organs. But I must say that yoga will take more time and effort than usual medical treatment, but for the reason that the result exceeds all expectations, it’s worth it. Also, there is no expenditure of finance, as drugs are not used.

Also a great plus of yoga is that it is based on the principles of harmony and unification: the healing of one organ pushes the whole organism to cure, and also the opposite poles of energies are balanced, the body is cleansed of waste.

This can be compared to the fact that when several ancient clocks with the same pendulums hang on a wall, then after a while their movements become synchronous according to the law of mutual rhythms and vibrations. So happen in the living body. All organs and systems of the human physical body are called upon to perform their specific functions, but coordination must exist between them. If one of the bodies can not balance its activities with other bodies and systems, it means that not all organs and systems function poorly. Thus, it can be concluded that the uncoordinated work of the organs leads to illness.

Therefore, in order to restore human health, it is enough to restore the health of one body. And after this body other organs and systems will heal. If a person has several unhealthy organs, only one of them should be treated, and gradually the entire body will begin to heal. But, unfortunately, now many yoga teachers do not follow this concept. They prescribe to the patient a long list of practices depending on the diseases, based on the fact that all diseases belong to different groups, and not taking into account the interrelationship between different organs and systems.

Also, healers ignore the aspect from where the body derives its energy for its life. We attach too much importance to nutrition as a source of energy, forgetting about its real source. This energy is similar to the oppositely charged particles that are around us. And good health is generated precisely by the balance between positive and negative forms of energy. When these forms of energy are suppressed, diseases arise.

The treatment of yoga is based on the harmony of the physical and mental bodies. And with its help there is a cure for such diseases, where traditional medicine is almost useless. This is asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure. It is also very effective in cases of epilepsy, rheumatism, hysteria. That is, it was established that most diseases can be cured with the help of yoga.

The imbalance in the human body is caused by various diseases, from which he suffers. To facilitate them, we need to take a fresh look at our body and find better methods of treatment. These include asana and pranayama, which successfully cope with this role, being the most effective ways of controlling the body. They help us to improve the vital functions of our body, to manage the structures of the brain and mind, as well as our energy.

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