Women’s health and beauty

Women's health and beauty

If a woman does not like her reflection in the mirror, then she usually goes to the beauty salon. But an intelligent woman first goes to the gynecologist and that’s why.

“Women’s” health is visible on the face

It is on the gynecological health that the skin condition, the clarity of the face oval, and the absence of inflammations and rashes on the skin depend. Here is the simplest example. For gynecologists, the most distinct symptom of the presence of problems in the “female” part is the appearance of a rash in the nasolabial triangle. If the patient is diagnosed with problems in the left ovary – the vyysypka will be on the left side, and if in the right ovary – on the right. If the patient has problems with the uterus, then the discharge will be in the center.

To a large extent, cosmetic problems are associated with gynecology in young patients, those who are about thirty years old or slightly more. If a woman at this age has a symptom such as “sagging” the cheeks (while the woman looks naturally older than her age), this means a deficiency of elastin and collagen. The only reason for this is endocrine disruption. If the patient has a complete diagnosis, then, as a rule, various disorders associated with the imbalance of sex hormones “pop up”. One such disorder is polycystic ovary, which also leads to infertility and requires medical intervention.

Complex treatment

Any pathology of the “female” part is treated for at least a month or two. Does this mean that while the treatment is carried out by a gynecologist about “beauty” will have to be forgotten? Not at all. The result will be much more effective if both specialists work together consistently. It should be noted once again that the work of these two specialists should be coordinated. For example, any physiotherapeutic procedures prescribed by a cosmetologist should be appointed with the knowledge of the gynecologist. Usually, the treatment time for gynecological pathologies is sufficient for effective treatment and cosmetic problems.

Some women think that treatment by a cosmetologist and gynecologist is incompatible in principle. This is a profound error. On the contrary, the best effect can be achieved when the treatment is in parallel. Specialized gynecologist-endocrinologist consultations and special preventive and therapeutic procedures are appointed: ELOS, oxygen cocktails, thalassotherapy, figure correction.

However, there are many nuances that can determine not only individual procedures, but also the very scheme of such treatment.

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