Women’s health, a failure on the hormonal background

Women's health, a failure on the hormonal background

Breaking the hormonal background in the female body is now a fairly common problem. Based on this, there are other gynecological diseases. There are many reasons for the violation. Let’s consider some initial causes contributing to the violation of the hormonal background.

– Infections suffered as a child. This can be chronic tonsillitis, frequent colds, in connection with which immunity in the body decreases.

– Infectious diseases transmitted through sexual contact.

– Disorders in the adrenal, pancreatic or thyroid gland.

– Migraines, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts can cause disturbances in the hormonal system.

– The disease can occur after surgery. For example, due to frequent abortions. In this case, a woman can acquire another disease, which is difficult to cure – this is infertility.

– Failure in the hormonal system can occur during menopause, puberty, or during pregnancy. Poor influence on the female body frequent stress and nervous tension.

– Oral contraceptives taken at their own choice. A compulsory consultation with a gynecologist is required, which will conduct an examination and appoint a suitable drug.

Symptoms arising on the background of the development of the disease:

1) Frequent headaches are observed.

2) Zero libido and general unpleasant sensations during intercourse. A small amount of the released lubricant leads to dryness in the vagina.

3) Constant irritability and aggressiveness. Excessive fatigue is not associated with hard work and sleep disturbance.

4) Painful sensations in the period of passage of menstruation. Malfunction of the menstrual cycle.

Prevention of female disease:

– A timely examination by a doctor of a specialist in gynecological diseases, will help prevent the occurrence of hormonal failure.

– Follow the menstrual cycle and secretions.

– In case of abnormal discharge, consult a gynecologist.

If a malfunction is detected on a hormonal background, the doctor will prescribe compulsory treatment.

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