Woman during pregnancy

Woman during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a mysterious and mysterious condition. In ancient times, poets admired motherhood and the state of women during pregnancy. Of course, pregnancy is a beautiful state of a woman, but it has its own nuances. Pregnant women become like capricious children, frequent changes in mood, changes in tastes, exacerbation of diseases.

These nuances begin to occur in the first trimester. The organism during pregnancy, usually for the first time for weeks, perceives the embryo as an alien body. Suppression of the immune system begins, so that the embryo does not reject the body, this leads to easy entry of viruses and microbes into the body. This is very dangerous, because it is at this time that the embryo begins to develop internal organs and nervous system, and problems with the health of the mother affect the development of the baby and his health. Therefore it is very important that the future mother, for the first time weeks of the baby’s life eat properly, take vitamins and trace elements, lead a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, take care of your health.

The second trimester, of course, for a woman is the most pleasant and happy. At this time, almost all end toxicosis, and before prenatal depression is still far away. In the second trimester, mother begins to feel her baby, we need to start talking with the child, telling him fairy tales, singing a lullaby. Namely, now the woman feels all the joy of her pregnancy, she has a “maternal instinct” and maternal feelings awake.

In ancient times in China, India, Egypt, Japan believed that if you surround the woman with beauty and harmony, then pregnancy and childbirth will go smoothly.

A woman should be psychologically prepared for the forthcoming birth, this will not only help her during labor, but also help the body produce “hormones of happiness.” These hormones help reduce pain in delivery, and during pregnancy, a woman feels a sense of euphoria.

But from the 32nd week the whole charm of pregnancy disappears. The intensive development of the fetus begins, the uterus increases and begins to press on the internal organs of the woman. In addition, at this time, the baby begins to actively move, giving future parents to know about themselves.

By the 36th week the body is preparing for childbirth. There are pains in the lower back, muscular contractions of the uterus. But no matter how hard it is for you in the last days of pregnancy, remember that it’s worth it and soon your baby will be born.

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