Woman as the standard of true harmony

Woman as the standard of true harmony

A calm and harmonious woman has always been valued, as the standard of the ideal companion and mother. For the sake of such women, men achieved their goals, warriors won, in order to present numerous gifts to her feet. And often, these girls could not be called beauties. But their distinctive feature was a holistic and harmonious personality. Some features of a harmonious woman will be discussed later.

Power Engineering

Women’s energy works wonders with all living organisms, and sometimes, with inanimate ones too. There is a day when everything falls from the hands of a beautiful lady and beats. Here is a prime example of female negative energy. It is also important that men receive energy for themselves only from women, which produces it. Therefore, it is so important for a woman to be energetically filled. Usually, every woman knows herself what actions, emotions, events feed her. It can be shopping, bathing, book, massage, chatting with girlfriends, solitude in nature, favorite hobby and much more. The main thing is that a woman always maintain the necessary level of her energy. About these women they say: “You are all shining from within”, “how energetic”, “and in the eyes of fire.”

Ability to present yourself

Thanks to the ability to properly educate yourself, any woman becomes stunning in the eyes of a man. Even if it does not have a patterned natural beauty. First, this skill is easy to develop. Studying fashion magazines, watching films, attending exhibitions and shows, and everywhere to pay attention to beautiful women. Secondly, in its image to adhere to its own image, and not to pursue fashion. Not everything that is fashionable, fits everyone. Any woman is very individual, and this is exactly what this personality has to emphasize. Thirdly, the manner of speech, gait, gestures, facial expressions complete the image of a woman. Too loud speech with a pretty face, rough habits of a young girl spoil the whole look. Therefore, it is so important for a woman to find her style in clothes and in behavior.


Men are essentially material, spiritual beings. Communicating with a woman, a man wants to get from her an open relationship. Sincerity in the words and deeds of the girl, proves to the man that he is important to her. When a man notices a falsehood, everything, trust collapses instantly. It is almost impossible to return trust, and even a man. And is it necessary? A woman whose sincere and pure view inspires a man always achieves more. Of course, women are also famous for their cunning, but you do not need to know about this man. However, in important issues for him, the weak half of humanity should be extremely honest.

Bad habits

Despite the attractive images of the heroines of television series and movies, who smoke a lot, drink and lead a loose life, men in real life like women without bad habits. Of course, you can not generalize all. However, if a man does not smoke himself and prefers to lead a healthy lifestyle, he obviously will not attract a smoking girl. Men react to women’s fragrances. Whether it’s perfume, cigarette smoke or a mixture of alcoholic beverages. Without knowing it, a man subconsciously pushes something from a girl, if her smell is unpleasant to him. Conversely, the inviting fragrance of perfume, body lotion, and the smell of hair attract a man, encouraging him to continue to communicate.

As much as a woman does not like to like a man, the main thing is that she, first of all, likes herself. Having fallen in love with herself, her essence, accepting herself as she is, the girl will be confident a priori. And self-confidence and her own strengths will allow her to develop all the missing qualities for inner harmony.

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