Winter and cellulite – what’s the connection?

Many women regularly (and often – unsuccessfully) are struggling with cellulite. In the course are fashionable in this season of sports and low-carb diets. And few people think about another reason for the appearance of cellulite – a cold.

The organism of woman for thousands of years has been honed by nature and adapted to the environment. In our latitudes the organism must be adapted to such a factor as cold. And nature took care of it. To protect the woman’s body from low temperatures, a fat layer of a special configuration is provided, such that the mass media calls cellulite. This mechanism works simply: when the ambient temperature is comfortable, the body does not need additional protection. When the temperature falls, the body begins to accumulate fat and form a thermo layer to protect it from the cold. This mechanism is embedded in the genetic code.

Temporarily move away from the physiology and look at the clothes of women and very young girls. Thin tights, mini skirts, jeans in winter on the naked body, a short jacket or clothes made of synthetic, non-cold protective fabrics. Fashion is now such that the overwhelming majority of women banal cold, but at the same time stubbornly refuse to wear clothes on the weather, fearing that under it men will not notice the beauty of the bends of their body, and therefore, will pay less attention to them. In fact, the look of a “cyanotic” girl in a miniskirt in a frost causes pity, and not a desire to get acquainted.

And what happens at the physiological level? The body freezes. The body sends a signal to the brain that the temperature goes down, you need an additional protective factor in the form of … fat. The brain processes the information and gives the body a command to store the fat and form it in the fat depot. And from the point of view of energy saving – in the form of the most hated orange peel. If there is no warm clothes, the body “dresses” on its own.

This “clothing” is very resistant to external influences. No matter how a woman struggles with it, the body stubbornly does not want to “undress”. In the course are all sorts of ways to fight, as a result of disturbed metabolic processes and the body is no longer able to “undress” itself with the onset of heat. By the way, after combating the natural “coat” on the guard of cellulite, there are already other factors of its formation – a metabolic disorder and psychophysiological moments.

Thermo-factor is natural in case of cellulite. And its peculiarity is that the accumulation of fat and its formation in lumps is a protective reaction of the body to environmental conditions. The only thing that can neutralize this factor is clothes for the weather. Then the body does not need to “dress” in accessible to him “clothes.”

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