Why set goals and plan

Why set goals and plan

As a rule, the desire to think and plan something appears in the new year with the beginning of a “new life”. Inspiration and energy hit the key after numerous wishes, gifts and a noisy feast: “Now everything will be different!” And it’s wonderful! The only problem is that many promises are forgotten within a few weeks after the holiday. Everyone knows how rarely he can keep his word.

So why set goals at all? Unless without them there will be at least some positive changes in life?

First of all, you need to clearly understand what the goal is different from the promise.

Promise: I want to lose weight and eat right.

Aim: I will throw off 15 kilograms by summer, I will plan my diet. I will carry lunch with me to work instead of eating fast food. I will be weighed every week and celebrate progress.

Promise: I want to spend more time with children.

Purpose: I will play and read with children more. For this, we will spend all Friday evenings together. With no exceptions.

So, you need to set realistic goals with practical solutions and steps leading to its implementation. If you simply wish that life has changed, you can never wait for change. Be sure to do something else! So setting goals helps you realize the hidden potential.

The key to achieving the goal is planning.

The plan is necessary to achieve the goal, otherwise it will not be realized. This is the difference between a dreamer and a man of action. It’s wonderful to dream, but it’s even more wonderful to realize these dreams. And it does not matter if it does not work out right away.

We need to live life consciously, not to look back over the past 20 years, thinking that all the fun is missed and opportunities are missed. In general, you should evaluate your life more than once at the beginning of the year. No kidding. It helps to keep up. After living the day, ask yourself: “What have I done and achieved? Did I do what I felt attracted to? Wisely spent his time? “

Naturally, sometimes there is not enough motivation and good old inspiration. Sometimes life can be really harsh and the energy simply evaporates. Nevertheless, the fact that one has to wake up tired, with a too long list of cases where meetings and obligations are piled up and feel that more than one day will be killed to accomplish the tasks assigned – all this should not have any associations with the movement towards the goal .

Bright scheduler (diary, computer program, a sheet on the refrigerator) will help to remember about the most important things lost in the daily routine, to put in order thoughts, meetings, ideas and plans. Many inspirational books have been written about how and where to start. The network hosts a huge number of websites, armed with targeted solutions and inspirational stories.

So do not justify yourself with super employment, overwork and overexertion. With the help of the correct setting of goals, you can reasonably manage your forces, time and finances. Any even the most unapproachable goal can be realized if one finds the right approach to it.

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