Why is raw food so unpopular?

Raw food is nutrition only by plant products that are not thermally processed, i.e. Fresh, raw. This includes raw vegetables, fruits, berries, root crops, nuts, seeds, cereals, legumes – everything that is edible for a person and in the form in which it grows. Raw vegetables and fruits are recognized by science and medicine as the richest sources of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, so that when raw food is used, each product is used and digested as much as possible.

Heat treatment in any form – cooking, stewing, frying, baking changes the chemical composition of products, amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates and water-soluble vitamins are lost, we all know about it. The higher the treatment temperature and its duration, the greater the loss. When cooking, more soluble substances pass into the broth if the products are pre-ground.

In the process of cooking we mix different kinds of products, we grind them in different ways, process them with temperature, but at the same time we know that by this we reduce the value and benefit of our food. And all this is done to satisfy the customary (or vice versa exotic) taste sensations. Of course, to eat an apple or a carrot is too simple, not interesting, not so tasty (it seems with unaccustomed).

And we were taught to cooked dishes from childhood, in kindergarten and at school we were fed only cooked food. Remember – how often in children’s institutions give fresh fruit and dishes from raw vegetables? And if children are not offered fresh fruits and vegetables at home, they do not explain the necessity of these products, then they will be limited for many years in obtaining many and many valuable substances, they will be replenished in the form of complexes of vitamins and microcells prescribed by the pediatrician. But this method of nutrition does not add to health, Already in our youth, many nowadays have chronic diseases, allergies and others, more serious.

Further – more: the society cultivates a beautiful serving of dishes, exotic cooking, is considered a dignity ability to cook unusually and tasty. And from the child grows a man accustomed to cooking, which does not even try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but chooses civilized (cooked) food.

As a result, no one has an attempt to re-evaluate their food preferences – why, because these are habits that have emerged since childhood and all around eat the same. It is difficult to imagine how you can eat in a different way – without cooking.

Official medicine does not study the processes occurring in the body of a raw food. Who knows, for what reason? Perhaps, medicine does not need healthy and independent people from doctors and pharmacists? However, there is extensive experience of the German naturopath-practice of Henning Müller-Bürzler. He proved in practice the curative nature of the gradual transition from vegetarian food to a diet with an increasing proportion of raw vegetables, fruits, cereals and seeds, up to the third stage of separate raw food rations. Proof of this – hundreds of people who have got rid of many diseases, including those considered incurable. He described his experience in his books, in which he revealed not only the advantages of such nutrition, but also laid out in detail the mechanism for the appearance of cleansing reactions, which should be undertaken in such cases. His main thesis: faster does not mean better and more effective, but the purpose of his activity is to inform people about health-improving nutrition.

People who switched to raw food, whose organisms have gone through cleansing, live a full life, without diseases and signs of early old age. There are whole families of raw-eaters who are healthy, strong and young, they have clear eyes and a sharp mind, they do not spend their time preparing food, because there are so many other interesting activities!

But, of course, it is important to know how to switch to such food, know your organism and listen to it. Not every person will be approached by a sharp transition to 100% raw diet after, say, forty years of experience in traditional food.

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