Why is it so important to awaken femininity?

Why is it so important to awaken femininity?

First of all, what is femininity? This is the very essence, the nature of women. This is something for which men are ready to accomplish and exploit; What was the most important value of every nation at all times; Then, without which there is no woman as such.

Let’s remember the distant past. This is the time when, for the sake of beautiful ladies, knight tournaments were arranged – competitions in agility, strength, eloquence. Men were inspired by beauty, modesty, mystery. The virgins were proud and unapproachable, they wanted to fight with their rivals. Do you think someone would like to seek their favor, be they women cynical, with a chest showing off and a cigarette in your teeth? I doubt it.

Feminism in general is a concept of volume. This trust is to oneself, to people, to the world, as a reflection of inner purity. This is humility – acceptance of everything that happens, with wisdom, without the yelling of the victim of circumstances. This beauty – external and internal – both complement each other. This is a healthy relationship with men, as well as with all others, because when awakening the true femininity, life becomes much more conscious. This is an understanding of your path, your destiny. In my opinion, the acquisition of femininity is the meaning of every woman’s life.

In our time, femininity again becomes popular, which can not but rejoice. More and more people understand that the strength of the people is in chaste women, that it is the woman that inspires and “makes” a man, that femininity is the driving force of progress. Femininity is a creative nature, we need it more than ever, in opposition to the male nature of the invader and the breadwinner.

There are many adherents of unconditional femininity. More often on the street there are girls wearing dresses and skirts in place of bored jeans. Many even wear headscarves. This is all an outward manifestation of the inner urge to return to the sources, to which the matter is not limited. You need to start from your head, from your heart.

Often, many of our problems are due to one thing – we do not value ourselves. We do not believe in our unlimited abilities. We suppress our true desires and allow ourselves to impose other people’s dreams. We are shy about our “girlhood” and emotionality. We betray and distort our essence. We do not love ourselves! That’s it, and it’s worthwhile to work hard to finally open up your opportunities (and they are colossal, believe), awaken femininity, open your heart and let him lead your life. To make you happy. That you have found YOURSELF.

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