Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

About losing weight does not write today except that lazy. Methods in order to lose weight an incredible amount, but that’s good results are not all. What is the reason?

Specialists say that the reasons are purely psychological. Many women, and sometimes men, tend to erroneously associate the presence of an ideal figure with life successes. They think that if they had an ideal figure, then in their personal lives and in their careers they would have done much better. However, the truth is that there are simply no ideal people in the figure. And many women are more suited to a few extra pounds, than the kind of painful leanness.

If everything does not work out in life as we would like, self-esteem goes down and the search for antidepressants begins in the sweet.

Psychological problems can nullify any attempt at weight loss. It is much easier to find the causes of life failures in excess weight than in your own self.

The abundance of advertising numerous methods of losing weight through fitness, dancing, using a variety of diets and weight loss products makes more accessible methods for losing weight. But, if a woman from the very beginning is critical of her weight loss methods, she will not get the effect, but only stress.

Then comes the moment when from the network, beautiful magazines and books about a healthy lifestyle there is a digging out of a variety of tips and diets. At the same time, a lot of expensive drugs are being purchased for weight loss and fitness clubs are visited. However, because of the categorical dislike for herself and her body, the girl gets only stress, but not a beautiful figure.

When there is no correct psychological attitude, to lose weight is much more difficult, plus fatigue and depression are added, which in turn provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Again, the seizing of stress begins and again the results are reduced to zero. Again, the sense of guilt returns and everything returns to normal … This is a vicious circle …

From the sense of guilt in the body, a nervous tension forms, which turns into spasms and often it is precisely the spasms in the stomach that are perceived by complete people as signals of hunger. This is a nervous hunger, which is the cause of excess weight problems.

Can you overcome the nervous feeling of hunger? Yes, if you learn to relax. For this, once you feel a nervous hunger, you need to find a secluded place in the apartment, lie down and relax, turn on quiet music for relaxation and calmly breathe deeply, while closing your eyes. In these moments you can imagine the natural landscapes … And after such a relaxing session it is worth a little rest.

If you learn to relax and control your body, learn to love your body and not to associate your failures with excess weight, only then you will manage to lose weight and significantly improve the figure.

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