Why do women get fat

Why do women get fat

Practically each of us is familiar with the situation when unwanted weight comes from the fact that only a small bun or a piece of cake was eaten. Yes, we know that they are sometimes very high in calories, but why does everything postpone in the body so quickly and go away with great difficulty?

The answer lies on the surface, especially if you remember that the meaning of the existence of a woman is to be a mother and to nurse healthy babies. But how is completeness and children connected, you ask?

And everything is simple enough – now we all live in big cities with shops of walking distance and can buy any product at any time of the day simply leaving home. But this is our time. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, we had to survive, because the food was taken with difficulty, and sometimes there was a risk of famine.

That’s why nature took care of the fair sex, giving us the ability to create large reserves of fat in the body from a seemingly insignificant amount of food that, in the absence of food for a long time, would “feed” us and our child.

I want to pay close attention to the word “gift”. It’s exactly grace, not a curse, as many people think. Yes, now it gives many inconvenience, but having made a diet and showing at least some activity, you can easily banish all that was received from the confectionery.

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