Why are vitamins from food poorly digested?

Vitamin – from the word Vita – life. These substances play a huge role in human life. But not always adhering to proper nutrition, you can provide the body with a daily rate of vitamins. And the more so, you can not “eat” them for future use – vitamins are very briefly delayed in the body, excreted in urine, and require constant replenishment of stocks. So, why do vitamins from food get poorly digested, even if we consume a lot of fruits and vegetables?

1. One of the “vitamin-destroying” factors is stress – together with adrenaline, the lion’s share of vitamins E, C and group B is thrown out.

2. Nightlife and dependence on the computer also does not have the best effect on immunity, depleting the stores of vitamin D, which, as is known, is produced by contact of the skin with the sun’s rays.

3. Surprisingly, avitaminosis is often observed in sweet tooth, because Sugar, decaying and synthesizing in the body, “takes” all the nutrients from the cells.

4. Dependence on drugs – forced or contrived – leads to the destruction of vitamins in the body. It is not necessary to get sick, you can apply COCs or tranquilizers on an ongoing basis.

5. Fanatic torture through excessive physical exertion simply does not allow the body to absorb vitamins. With deep, aerobic respiration in the blood, sugar is oxidized and free radicals are absorbed into the cells. To neutralize them, vitamin E is used, so its doses for sports people are recommended to be increased at least twice.

6. Nicotine destroys vitamins. Therefore it is necessary to lean on vitamin C – both in a natural kind, and in capsules.

7. With age, the absorption of vitamins decreases. So you need to take only freshly prepared food and dietary supplements.

8. The biggest misconception is that vegetarians “vitaminize” their diet. Saturated with water-soluble vitamins, they stop the absorption of fat-soluble, for example, A, E and B12, which are almost impossible to obtain from plant foods.

9. In semi-finished products there are many calories, but very few vitamins. Trying to reduce the time for cooking and eating sausages and frozen pizza, we gain excess weight and worsen the appearance of hair, skin and nails. In addition, other negative reactions occur in the body, which we do not see. So fast food is not the best way to be healthy.

10. Alcohol destroys vitamins, even in small doses. Those. If you drank at least 50 g of vodka or cognac, consider that you have today a vitamin hunger.

If you are present, constantly or at times, one or more of these factors, you should take the vitamin and mineral complex additionally.

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