Which side is better to sleep on?

Which side is better to sleep on?

Not all sleep postures have a positive effect on your body, in some cases the way you sleep can affect your health and, far beyond the bedroom. Although these habits can be very difficult to change, it is better to know which style of sleep contributes to or damages your body.

Disadvantages and advantages of sleep in one or another pose were considered by physiologists and physicians. And now, what conclusions were drawn:

Sleep on the back

Pros: This position is great for balancing the weight of your body, keeps your internal organs in balance, prevents pain in the neck and back.

Cons: If you snore, then sleeping on your back makes your snoring worse.

Sleep on my side

Pros: sleeping lying on its side in the embryo position, bending your knees, can help relieve tension in your back. It is important to use a pillow to keep the head in a neutral position, so that the head does not fall and that it does not affect your posture. An additional bonus is that sleep on the left side also reduces pain.

Cons: You are lucky – no drawbacks, because in this position, the natural bending of the spine.

Sleep on the belly

Pros: If your spine is hurting, sometimes sleeping on your stomach can reduce pressure on your back.

Cons: Even if you like to sleep on your stomach, this position is the most risky. According to Dr. Jonathan Fitzgordan, a specialist from New York, “a dream on the stomach distorts the natural bend in the lower back, and the fact that the head is constantly turned aside, badly affects the cervical vertebrae.”

If you do not get enough chronically and your husband complains about your snoring, maybe you should think about the Apnea Apparatus. This will help normalize your sleep and sleep in any convenient position.

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