Whether to give birth together with the husband?

Whether to give birth together with the husband?

The nearer the moment of childbirth, the more the future mother begins to worry. Many are afraid of uncertainty and uncertainty: how will the childbirth go? How to behave? What should I do if something goes wrong?

Readiness number one. Future mothers often attend special courses for the preparation of future parents, where they receive information about proper breathing, techniques of anesthesia and relaxation. Often these courses are not only pregnant women, but also future dads.

In many families, the question arises: to give birth with or without a husband? There is no unequivocal answer, a lot depends on the person – whether he is ready, whether he wants, whether he is morally stable, etc. If you decide that you will give birth together, then you need to find a maternity home, where partner births are allowed or to get permission from the head physician. From her husband, most likely will require the results of blood tests for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis, as well as fresh fluorography. But even if everything is arranged, the future father will not be able to attend the birth if the quarantine is declared in the maternity hospital.

Why on the birth of a husband?

Reasons, in fact a lot. This is the support of a loved one, and the adoption of sober decisions by the spouse (if it is necessary to decide something with the doctors), and the closeness of the pope with the baby from the first minutes.

Is it necessary to have a husband’s presence during childbirth?

Many obstetrician-gynecologists testify that partner births are calmer. A woman feels confident and support, the presence of a loved one helps her to better cope with the process of childbirth. A spouse’s help can be not only moral. The future dad can do anesthetic massage, help his wife maintain a pose that is comfortable for waiting for the bouts, to remind you of the right breathing during the fight. Sometimes this is not required, it is enough that the future dad wipes the sweat from his forehead with his beloved and holds her hand.

Sometimes couples develop a plan for “ideal births” that they would like to adhere to. Spouses can discuss the plan developed by them together with the doctor who will accept delivery. In the future, the partner will be able to assess the actions of doctors and together with the mother and the doctor decide on the need for a procedure.

Doctors can offer the father to cut the umbilical cord on his own, and also he can make the first photos of a newborn baby.

The future dad can be present at birth even if a cesarean section is planned. In this case, the partner is located near the operating room, and soon after the birth of the crumb will be able to see it.

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