Where to start if you weigh 100?

Where to start if you weigh 100?

Initially admit to yourself – yes, it’s not a scales that lie, it’s not a super heavy clothes, and not even what you ate for lunch, breakfast, or dinner today. It’s you, in person! And no matter what the mark – 80, 101 or 130 – for each of us there is a certain limit of comfort, in other words, a zone of comfort.

You can weigh 90 kg, be completely self-confident, find beautiful things, use men’s attention, and every time you wear a swimsuit, pull on stockings, or just zip up a tight-fitting dress, you promise yourself, and while voicing to others that with Monday you will necessarily sit on a diet. As if that justifying what your body does not look like, as you would like. This is a zone of comfort – you are comfortable with the most unpleasant moment, in the form of excruciating trainings and diets postpone for later. Because you can still move. What’s next?

You eat one pirozhenko, a slice of shish kebab, a hot dog, a cheburek and the like, with one thought – well, after all, from one slice / serving what can bad happen? Of course, nothing is wrong, if this piece is only one and not more often than once a week. But this is repeated every day! In the end, the weight grows to such an unprecedented size that you yourself forget, when the last time out loud this number. But this is not the worst thing.

The worst thing is that if you are overweight, even despite the early age, it’s hard for you to go up to the fifth floor, it’s hard to play with children in outdoor games, it’s hard to bend over again. Your knees, your heels begin to ache, your legs become swollen. Skin throughout the body acquires unhealthy color due to lack of proper blood supply. And, in the end, it becomes disgusting to look at yourself in the mirror. This is the key point after which there are two ways – to live on the same rolling road and every year more and more hate yourself, remaining forever aching loser, or finally try to love yourself and your body!

It’s always difficult to start, but it’s worth it. By the way, initially the first kilograms go with a violent speed – for a week you can lose 3-5 kg, and this is normal. This will be your first motivating bonus. But how to do it, if it’s hard for you to run, to sit down too, it’s impossible to wring out at all, but you can not remember the rope at all?

Start with the simplest and most complex exercises and rules in nutrition:

Do not eat simple carbohydrates in the afternoon.

It is better to sit down 1 time than not to sit down at all!

Increase your walking distance to several kilometers. In doing so, buy a pedometer, this would measure the number of steps. The optimal number of steps for losing weight is 10 000. It’s about 5 – 6 kilometers, which, with a quick step, is about an hour’s walk. Beat the map visually in your mind about a distance of about 3 km from your house – and quickly walk back and forth. Always choose new routes, and do not forget about comfortable shoes and clothes. Clothes should be in several layers, in cold weather, and should not impede movement or blood flow. Walk better on dirt tracks – they absorb shocks, as when walking, and when running, which reduces the burden on the spine. After you feel a surge of strength, in a week or two, you can start a remote run, which is incredibly effective.

Only after a minimum of physical fitness, go to the gym or fitness club. You will be much easier to give exercises. And you will succeed. It’s guaranteed. The most important thing is to start without transferring to Monday, but today.

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