Where the neck turns

Where the neck turns

People habitually do not think about the health of the neck until the time when it does not ache. But why to bring this state to? What awakens the pain in the neck? And the reasons for this are not small.

It must be acknowledged that almost every person has experienced pain in the neck throughout his life. It is worthwhile to sit under the stream of cold air and in the morning of the next day it is impossible to move your head due to severe pain in the neck. Most likely, it blew, or rather, chilled the neck muscles. To ease the pain it is allowed to apply anti-inflammatory ointment on the neck, try not to make sudden movements. Cervical myositis is a very unpleasant disease and can last for several days.

Also, pain can come from stress, it has a medical justification – at the moment of stress there are muscle spasms, this leads to blood circulation disorders and narrowing of blood vessels – pain begins. The basis of pain is often the usual muscle tension. For example, if you sit at a computer for a long time, the neck muscles work in extreme conditions, you need to warm up every 50 minutes. For example, sitting on a chair, shoulders and neck relaxed, this is the basis for all exercises, tilt the head down and up to touch the chin with your chest.

Also, the cause of pain may be osteochondrosis. It is expressed by a sharp sudden pain in the neck, which is aggravated by movement. Probably at a turn of a head a crunch, headaches, visual acuity decrease. It must be remembered that osteochondrosis is a dangerous disease and, without consulting a doctor, it is not worth starting treatment. Causes of pain in the neck can hide in soft tissues – muscles, ligaments and nerve roots, and in the bone tissue of the vertebrae or intervertebral discs. Read about the first symptoms of a hernia in the cervical region, perhaps this is the reason for your pain.

A healthy, vigorous and mobile way of life, the ability to recognize signs of fatigue in time and qualitatively rest – all this is within the power of man. It is very important to find the right pillow for sleep, so that it supports the neck and head in a physiological state and does not cause muscle tension. It is necessary to fasten the muscles of the back and neck.

There is a simple test that will help to show how strong is the muscular corset of a person. Sitting on a chair, straighten your back, head and chin straight. Pull your hands forward and hold them for 30 seconds. In the event that you can not keep your back and neck straight, you need to work on strengthening the muscles. Proper cure of pain in the neck can only be done after a thorough diagnosis. To do this, you may need laboratory tests, MRI or computed tomography.

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