Where is women’s happiness hidden?

Where is women's happiness hidden?

How to answer the question, where women’s happiness lives. Probably, in any way, after all for each person the concept of happiness disappears in someone’s own, some unexplored and own little world, in which strangers are not allowed.

After all, if you understand, some women are delighted with buying new things, and others understand that new shoes do not bring joy at all. Some completely fall into euphoria from trifles, while others do not notice, it would seem, absolutely absolute moments of happiness.

But, what is the woman’s happiness?

There is a generally accepted notion that women’s happiness lies in the possibility of having a family, that is, a husband and children. In part this is correct, but not quite. After all, children are more like an instinct that lives in every woman and wakes up with age.

By the way, about the age, because happiness is connected with it. When a person just comes into the world, only mother who gives love can become happiness for him. Then, with time, joy begins to bring toys and friends. A little later, happiness can bring personal achievement and development.

The older a person becomes, the more often the appearance of happiness changes in his life. And now a woman to get married, gives birth to a child, then a second child, but does not feel happy anyway. Why is this happening?

The Female Paradox

Modern women are much easier to live with than women of past centuries. Life in the 21st century at the highest level and many household duties are facilitated thanks to modern inventions. Rights are divided evenly between a man and a woman, and now you can make a career, have the right to vote and resolve issues at the level with the male sex. All the things that women could only have dreamed of before happened, but the female world did not become happier.

But the possibilities have dragged along new responsibilities. Now a woman is expected not only to clean the house and dinner, now it expects universality. The weaker sex becomes difficult, because the husband and children are a huge responsibility, which must be borne on their shoulders every day. This suggests that women’s happiness is completely unrelated to the benefits that surround it.

What kind of a happy woman is she?

Recognize a happy woman is easy, because her eyes shine and from her emerge such an incredible thirst for life that it becomes quite understandable, she is surrounded by happiness. And this happens in moments when dreams become reality. And this is the most feminine happiness is not at all connected with the availability of goods.

And you can find this happiness in everything if you set yourself up for positive, for the ability to receive joy from life at any moment. Happiness is a condition that needs to be learned.

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