What you need to lose weight

What you need to lose weight

Even in such a case as losing weight, there is one very old adage: “Patience and work will peretrut.” Burning excess fat from the body is a difficult and long process that should become an integral part of life to success, beauty and health.

Of course, not all people should be the same, and not everyone should have an ideal figure. Everyone is special, and someone just goes full and overweight. After all, what a person looks like, does not say whether he is good or evil, bad or good.

But if you decide to lose weight in spite of everything, you need to know that the image of your life will also change, maybe the environment too.

First of all, you need to be inspired and find your motivation. You can read the forum here, the stories of real people who were able to lose weight. This will give you confidence, if they could, then I will succeed.

Then you need to rethink your diet. Once and for all to exclude from your diet products such as mayonnaise, white bread and buns, cakes, sugar. If you do not get to completely erase these components from your life, then you need to exclude it for that period until you get used to it and you will not use them in huge numbers when you breakdown. The amount of food consumed must also be reduced.

Just stop eating at the table with a common dish, do not be too lazy to impose the necessary portions in a separate plate, so you will see how much you consume and will be able to control the volume. Stop quizzing your stomach with phrases and thoughts: “You can have another plate, nothing will happen because of one pirozhenka,” “I’ll start from tomorrow.” Be angry with yourself and do not look for the guilty ones that you were offended once, caused you a psychological trauma, which you seize. Or you are the mother of three children. You did not eat them in the end, in what weight you are only to blame yourself.

Do not at all eat up your children, or from a common cup, just your portion. It is necessary to have lunch and breakfast, in order to not eat a double portion of food for supper in an unconscious, semi-fainting state. Do not eat at night, should pass at least 3 hours before bedtime after the last meal. Consume a lot of liquid. A glass of water 15 minutes before a meal is required.

You need to do as many moves as possible wherever you are. All your potential energy in the form of excess weight must be converted into kinetic. Do not be lazy to go out for a walk in the evening, go out one stop earlier to walk. The best option for women is to enroll in fitness aerobics, and men in the sports section. This method apart from getting rid of extra pounds will also bring a lot of communication, a sense of rhythm, relieve stress, and also bring a big plus to your health.

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