What you need to know about pregnancy

What you need to know about pregnancy

Pregnancy. A word that is so afraid of weak men and who are so happy with many women. After 25 years inadvertently think about how to give a continuation of his family, finally please his mother, who is already waiting for her grandchildren. And now, you are already running for the pregnancy test, pay a certain amount in the pharmacy and get a small plastic bag.

After the procedure, with a happy look you inform your husband that soon you will have a small miracle and fill the new parquet with tears of happiness. Immediately call all your relatives, happily shouting about your addition. But here comes a time when you absolutely do not understand, but what to do next?

It’s worth getting into the Internet, and reading a couple of articles about how your child develops: what’s bad for him, and what’s useful. It is very important to know that heavy loadings to pregnant women are contraindicated, it breaks the structure of your fetus and can happen an irreparable tragedy. Also, you need to carefully read the material about such an unpleasant thing as an ectopic pregnancy, check if you have any symptoms and run faster to the gynecologist. He will explain to you that now, not such a concept as “I”, there is such a thing as “we” and “our family”.

For what is in your tummy you are responsible and your man. You should immediately quit bad habits and ask your spouse to at least not smoke, if you are somewhere in the vicinity. Tell him a couple of stories about what happened to the children of smokers, tell us about the possibility of purchasing from the crumbs of dreadful teeth. Try as little as possible to physically affect the small belly-resident – to fall, sleep on the stomach and other harmful actions. Remember that you now have a huge responsibility for the life and health of your baby, how can you risk such a thing?

We must try very hard not to get sick during pregnancy, especially in the first and last trimester. This threatens serious consequences for the baby. The body of a pregnant woman is weakened, so less appear in crowded places, do not allow to come to visit you even with a slight runny nose, ventilate the room more often. By the way, against the background of weakened immunity, herpes during pregnancy is not such a rarity and this is a very dangerous disease for the baby. Therefore, take care of yourself, do not overwork, do not be nervous, walk as much as possible outdoors, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink special vitamins for expectant mothers.

Healthy you and easy pregnancy!

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