What vitamins should I take?

What vitamins should I take?

Do you need to take additional vitamins? It depends on what you eat. Most of the nutrients we need to get from food. Additives – they are additives, they simply supplement the substances that you get with food, but do not replace it.

A multivitamin complex will benefit each of us (so it is worth it to drink once a year, for example, in the winter). It is not necessary to search for something complicated – Centrum, Complivit or any other that you find in the nearest pharmacy will do. If you, like me, do not want to swallow a puff the size of a fist, you can choose chewable vitamins – they also contain a daily rate of different substances.

But if you have a full-fledged diet, why take multivitamins or, for that matter, any food supplements?

The simplest answer is that most of us do not get the necessary vitamins from the food. We do not eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but even if we eat – the peculiarities of our agriculture make it difficult to obtain from the products of nutrients. Vegetables, as a rule, gain nutrients from the soil, and if the soil is in poor condition, then the vegetables do not get them – and so do you.

Ask the nutritionist what vitamins you need to take?

Here are the basic supplements that I recommend to all my friends and patients:

♦ 1000 mg of vitamin C (strengthens the immune system, improves endurance, skin and eyesight).

♦ Complex of vitamins B (it helps with stresses, mood swings and lack of energy).

♦ 1000 mg fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids (reduces triglycerides, improves mood). If you do not like the taste, buy gel capsules and keep them in the fridge.

♦ 400 units of vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant).

♦ 600 mg of calcium citrate (bones, teeth, muscles!).

♦ 400 units of vitamin B3 (helps the absorption of calcium).

♦ 400 mg of magnesium glycenate (can be used for stress and as a sleeping pill).

Nevertheless, I recommend making your diet as healthy and balanced as possible, then the need for vitamin supplements will disappear.

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