What to do when it’s hard on the soul? 9 tips

What to do when it's hard on the soul? 9 tips

It happens that quite unexpectedly at heart it becomes unbearably sad. And like the weather outside the window is good, and nothing happened that could put you in the abyss of bad mood, and at the same time, bad at heart.

Often we focus on our problems, and plunge into them in this way, deeper and deeper. No matter how hard it is to do this, switch, think about the good. In all the little things and details. As if you are experiencing this pleasant event anew.

If you are still overcome with heavy thoughts or doubts, go to the mirror and smile at the reflection. It’s hard not to respond with a smile, smiling at a person. You yourself will sincerely smile.

Appreciates what you have at the moment. Of course, no one cancels the dreams of something high, far and beautiful. But still, rejoice that this person with a funny birthmark on the right cheek, and not “the very prince on horseback” who can not exist on earth, but only in your fantasies, is sleeping in bed next to you in bed.

With the advent of comfortable conditions in our reality, our requests began to change, and people forgot how to enjoy elementary trifles. The sun in the sky, wonderful, clear day! The rain outside the window? Perfectly! The freshness of the air and the saturation of moisture for the earth! Good is in everything, you just have to look at it!

If the cause of your longing is not tracked, simply, sad and sad. Call the person who is inherently positive. Even if your closest friend / friend is melancholic and often need a positive pumping, in this state, they are not your interlocutors. Call someone who is in a positive mood more often than others.

Read your favorite book, do the cleaning or go to the gym. In any case, the movement is life! Movement of the mind, or physical movement, will distract you from dreary thoughts

If the cause of the negative state is clear, and yet it is some particular person, first of all, we recommend to release the situation associated with this person, which caused this negative in you, forgive this person and accept everything as is.

Forgive, realizing and accepting the situation, ask for forgiveness yourself. In personal conflicts, most often, both are guilty.

Having asked for forgiveness, release the situation. Do not get hung up on it. Remember the famous phrase of ScarlettO’hara: I’ll think about it tomorrow.

Learn to fight bad mood and negative thoughts! And we will be happy to help you with this.

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