What to do in order not to recover over the winter

What to do in order not to recover over the winter

In the summer it is much easier to keep ourselves in the body, as we are in a bigger movement and choose only natural products for ourselves, eat more berries, vegetables, fruits. Our body tunes to a new regime, releases less hydrochloric acid, which produces an appetite. In winter everything is different. Our body needs more energy to warm up and it starts to store up with fats that act like fuel on the body. Therefore, we are more often hungry. A person in winter ceases to move much, and takes a more passive lifestyle as a basis. What can I do to keep my weight healthy?

Try in cold weather, wear enough clothing to not freeze. After all, if our body feels hypothermia, it begins to save fat. Try to keep yourself active in the winter on the street, for this you can go skating or skiing with friends. You can make a snowman or throw snowballs.

Carefully revise your diet, exclude foods that contain a large number of calories. Eat more protein and hot food. You can make yourself a variety of salads from vegetables, drink kefir, milk, fermented baked milk. Make cottage cheese with sour cream. Keep track of the time that you choose to eat. It is advisable to eat food two hours before bedtime. Try to eat food cooked in the oven, for example baked potatoes with vegetables in pots, or meat on a steam bath. Eat less fried foods. Great for hot boiled fish, or salted herring. Drink more freshly squeezed juices, because the winter is rich in citrus.

Go in for sports, go to the sports section for your hobbies. A very good sport is swimming. This will help not only to keep your body in shape, but will ask you a special tone. Much depends on the person, if a person sets the goal to keep his body in shape, then do not invent any reasons, just need to act and then everything will turn out.

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