What should I bring with me to the hospital?

What should I bring with me to the hospital?

Are you getting ready for an imminent meeting with the baby? He may appear earlier than you plan, so three weeks before the birth it is worth considering what to bring with him to the hospital. If you have already agreed with a personal doctor or have chosen a maternity hospital, it is better to find out what to take to the maternity ward with you, because some things can give out, and some you need to take with you from home.

The requirements of different maternity wards are very different from each other even in one city. In some, “nothing is allowed”, in others there are only a few reasonable limitations. For the most part, things are allowed to bring only in packages. Therefore, it is better to disband all the things into three packages in advance:

1. me before delivery;

2. to me after giving birth;

3. the newborn.

First of all put in a separate tight bag of documents:

– passport;

– an exchange card issued by a women’s consultation, sometimes it also puts the stamp of the hospital, with which there is a contract;

– contract with the maternity hospital or referral to the hospital;

– a health insurance policy, if any;

– Some maternity homes do not prescribe to mother and child without fluorography of all family members.

– If you chose partner birth, the partner should have a passport, fluorography and sometimes the results of some tests.

What to take with you to the hospital for yourself before delivery (first package):

– washable slippers;

– a dressing gown, a nightgown, home comfortable clothes;

– Panties, socks;

– large packages so that you can pack the clothes in which you arrived;

– bedding set;

– disposable absorbent diapers and medical oilcloth;

– diapers for examinations of cotton or disposable diapers;

– small terry towel;

– a disposable razor in case you do not have time to do everything you need at home.

– prenatal pads (a couple packs);

– toiletries, a hairbrush;

– money in small bills;

– a charged mobile phone and its charger;

– mineral still water;

– a pack of biscuit biscuits, yoghurt, a roll, a sandwich with cheese.

What to take with you to the hospital for yourself after childbirth (second package):

– postnatal pads (a couple of packs);

– wet wipes for intimgiciena;

– a bra for a nursing mother;

– dishes: a cup, plates, fork, spoon;

– cosmetic bag with moisturizing cream;

– a book or crossword puzzles, a player – in general something that will entertain you.

What to take with you to the hospital for a newborn (third package):

Diapers for newborns;

– Children’s cream or baby powder;

– baby oil;

– Wet baby wipes of large size;

– cotton swabs and disks;

– diapers cotton 4-5 pieces;

– disposable diapers;

– clothing for crumbs: cotton cap, 4 ryazhonki, which are not worn over the head, scratches, 3 sliders, a beautiful suit;

– Envelope for discharge;

– a blanket;

– scissors with rounded edges.

You figured out what to bring with you to the hospital, but you still have to leave a plastic bag at home, which you will bring before discharge. It should be composed of clothes in which you will be discharged. After all, your size will soon change significantly, and her husband himself is unlikely to be able to find the wardrobe suitable for you.

That’s all. And do not forget to take with you the joy of the fact that you will soon meet with your baby, and the certainty that everything will go well!

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