What should be the mystery woman

What should be the mystery woman

In men’s minds there was an idea that women should be mysterious and conceal a secret in themselves. Often because of this, trying to portray a mysterious person, the girls make a lot of mistakes. Therefore, in such subtle, feminine matters, the main thing is not to overdo it. Let’s see what men want to see a riddle in women.

A bit of classics …

In Chekhov’s play The Cherry Orchard, Varenka, aiming to be at the center of male attention, took on the image of a sad girl in a black dress. She thought that men would come and find out from her why she was sad, so she wanted to provoke interest in herself. But such a game in the “riddle” left the girl alone.

Who is she, the mystery woman?

A mystery woman and unpredictability are synonyms. Because it is suddenness and unpredictability that contributes to the agitated behavior of a man. A mysterious woman bewitches her warmth and affection, suddenly appearing in the life of a man. Such a woman never reveals herself to the end and disappears just as she appeared, sharply and unexpectedly. In the novels, women are described in such a colorful manner, later girls tend to become an unread book with an interesting story, striving for a particularly intensified attention of men.

Most women start their game in “seduction”, and most often with a crash lose it. Therefore, brewing all this porridge, a woman-riddle is preferable to think a thousand times: is it necessary? In real life, everything is much easier in no way in films and love novels. But the girls like to complicate everything and that’s why until now it remains unknown who she is, a mystery woman? Every man has his own!

For those who like puzzles …

Men like to solve riddles and rebuses related to women. It turns them on, they immediately have excitement and interest. Since the first impression, is formed instantly, women-riddles are trying to immediately interest their man. If they see that they already liked the man outwardly, then they start up their internal qualities, try to become for a man not like everyone else. A mysterious woman shows that she is interested in many things with her. And a man should have an opinion that he will never be bored with such a woman in the future in their life together. But the mystery woman always knows the measure, she does not tell her whole biography and her whole life’s path, but only tells the important and necessary. She knows how to be quiet in time, as in films, at the most interesting place. And always disappears unexpectedly, leaving only a fragrant trail from their spirits.

Is it a riddle or a “highlight”?

Trying to become a mystery for men, do not forget what your dear and beloved people like you, your comrades and friends, and also the stronger sex love you for. Beauty and pleasantness, simple-heartedness and gullibility, naivety, complacency and kindheartedness, are the “highlight” of a girl. The riddle and the “Zest” exist quite side by side, but the “zest” is much more than a riddle. Since the representatives of the stronger sex, they know specifically what relates to the “Zest” of their beloved women, but what a mystery, men can not really answer. Solve only the men that in you will become a mystery, “zest” or personality, your angelic smile, playful rise of the edge during an inspired conversation or your embarrassed look.

Is mystery necessary for a woman?

Men really start and intrigue easy flirtation with them, understatement, holding a certain distance and allowing the approach to yourself only in millimeters a day, and that if such an understatement become a disappointment with closer communication. Therefore, the question arises: is it worthwhile to withstand this whole plot?

For men, something that is incomprehensible and interesting – it is a mystery. Pleasant surprises that contribute to the appearance in men’s souls of admiration, happiness and joy are preferred much more and more often than riddles. Experiencing the scarcity of their dear time, men are completely immersed in work. Because of this, the vast majority of the stronger sex do not receive great pleasure, after a hard working day, to move their, so tired tricks over the riddles in the woman.

For men, a woman who in the morning is covered with cleanliness and clarity, and in the evening with her favorite fragrance, is real. And to him, it does not matter at all whether there is any mystery in it. Since all the present is primarily valuable in life, honesty and ease are important to men. If a woman can always be diverse as seductive, and caring, fragile and sensitive, a little stubborn and purposeful, without forgetting to be weak and strong, she will certainly be loved and her man will be well next to her. A woman’s riddle is in the wreath of all these female characteristics that men are ready to comprehend their whole life, and women, in turn, are ready to surprise and amaze.

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