What qualities an ideal woman should have

What qualities an ideal woman should have

All people in one way or another seek the ideal, even realizing that it basically does not exist. Most often, women want to be ideal for their men, it is really important for them, because they want to be admired, appreciated, loved, etc. But usually women behave far from ideal, make a lot of mistakes, because of which their relationship with a man suffers. To be perfect, you just need to know what qualities men value in ladies and try to develop these qualities in themselves.

For example, strangely enough, representatives of the stronger sex prefer independent women. For them, they are more desirable and interesting. They appreciate that a woman is not going to sit on her husband’s neck, but tries to realize herself. If earlier it embarrassed many men, now it is very valuable, so you need to constantly work on yourself and do not stop there.

Stupid women are already uninteresting to anyone. It is important for a man not only to look at a beautiful picture, but also to be able to talk with his chosen one, that is why her intellect must necessarily be developed. A woman who knows how to support any topic in conversation will be much more attractive to men than she who simply has a good figure and a pretty face.

However, an attractive woman should still be. And the concept of “attractiveness” is not equal to “beauty.” Attractiveness is the ability to submit oneself, to appear in a favorable light, etc., for this it is absolutely not necessary to have outstanding natural data.

His man must be respected, including always respect his opinion, position. It is important for a man to be the head of the family, accordingly, he wants his lady to listen to him.

You can not put pressure on a man and try to bend it under him. Constant monitoring and press will not help to avoid problems, as well as changes. If a man wants to spin intrigues on the side, he does it anyway. It must be remembered that a man should have Freedom. In the end, he is not serf. In addition, it is noted that those women who do not forbid their chosen one to go anywhere with friends, do not control it totally, men practically do not go anywhere, as they do not want to.

Without economy, a woman can not do without. Since ancient times, it was women who were considered to be keeper of the hearth and it is important to fulfill these functions to this day. Even if a man has the opportunity to hire a housekeeper, it is much nicer for him if his own woman creates comfort in his house.

Both men in pairs must be true to each other. Feminity is important to women, just like feminine fidelity is important to men. You can not make the chosen one doubt her and behave unworthily.

And, of course, Love. Without love, you can not build any relationship, it is important for men to realize that they are loved and that they are necessary for the ladies.

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