What prevents you from losing weight?

What prevents you from losing weight?

We are often accused that we are lazy to deal with our figure. However, not all girls, fanatically striving to lose weight, achieve the desired results. And even vice versa – they get even better. Find out what prevents you from losing weight, you can, having debunked some of the myths associated with harmony.

1. “We must eat less” “

This is the advice you can often hear. And he is fundamentally untrue. Yes, one-time meals should be modest. But the daily rate should not be less than 1200 kcal and for the whole day you need to eat not too little.

• Proteins – 2 times a day for a 0.2 kg serving.

• Slow carbohydrates – 1 time, 0.2 kg.

• Vegetables – a minimum of 0.8 kg. And 50% of them are raw.

• It is also necessary to drink up to 0.5 liters of kefir or curdled milk, eat 2-3 fruits and a portion of light soup.

Do not skip meals, otherwise the next time you eat more, and the load on the digestive system, respectively, increase.

2. Hunger is the best friend of the figure

Certainly not. First, fasting, the body “descends” first the muscles, then water, and only on the verge of exhaustion gets to fat. And as soon as you allow yourself a full meal, each calorie will be deposited in extra pounds in a double volume. Such a “hypodermic stock” is even more difficult to burn. Do not be surprised if you get stuck on a plateau.

3. If you go in for sports, you can eat anything

Also a fairly common myth. Imagine that you are swimming / playing tennis / running for 1 hour without stopping. You give maximum strength, but you lose only 600 calories. For one day is not bad. But you immediately fill them up by eating a chocolate bar. Is not it easier to give up a simple carbohydrate than torture yourself on the simulators? Yes, exercise stress is undoubtedly important, but without proper nutrition and reducing the amount of fat, the effectiveness of them will be an order of magnitude lower. Conclusion: a rigid diet = loss of muscle mass and water, sports = weight loss in grams, PP + physical activity = correct weight loss.

4. Sports and diet can be replaced by baths and wraps

They can only supplement the PP and physical education. Weight in the sauna and the truth quickly goes away, but since it happens due to loss of fluid, it comes back immediately, as you restore the water balance in the body. Understand, fat is not water, it can not be evaporated or drowned. Although this does not mean that the bath is useless. With its help you can get healthier and get a lot of pleasant sensations. Wraps also affect the appearance of the skin more than the figure. Do it for health, but do not expect that they will help lose weight or get rid of cellulite if you continue to absorb cream cakes and have supper big poppy.

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