What prevents us from losing weight?

What prevents us from losing weight?

What prevents us to lose weight? Our main enemy is, of course, calories. The definition of this word is very intricate, so we will describe it by ourselves: calories are the energy that the body receives by processing proteins, fats and carbohydrates contained in food. Everyone knows that most of the energy is given by fats and therefore, when they start resorting to diets, they try to exclude their diets (although not all fats are equally harmful) and focus on proteins. But in this case, sometimes it is not always possible to bring the body into the desired shape. But why does this happen?

For several reasons.

1. Reason one: self-deception

Often, the desire to become slimmer and remains only a desire, because to dream about it and visit various sites is much easier than to get down to business and start to study the calorie content of each product or dish. Why is it all, when you can just dream, draw the perfect picture in your head and calm down?

2. Reason two: “small” weaknesses

Many of those who are overweight have enough willpower not to eat after 6 pm. But this very will somewhere disappears after 12 nights, when the poor refrigerator is subjected to periodic attacks and devastation. And the most terrible thing is that such people resort to self-deception and convince themselves that it is normal to do this (although we know that the body only stores more fat than that)

3. Reason the third: incorrect counting

Those who overcame themselves and began to really work on themselves, rather than pretend, may find that counting the energy value of food consumed per day may turn out to be wrong. But! This is relevant only at the very beginning – you can not count somewhere, somewhere to miss this or that product. Then everything will go its own way.

4. The fourth cause: absence of cardio-loads

Sharply to lose weight it is possible only in the event that there is one “grass” or in general nothing is. But you need to lie down then under a dropper within a month? Even after calculating the energy value of the whole day diet and observing it (and doing so, while not deceiving yourself, units!), Fat can be reduced catastrophically slowly. In this case, alas, it is necessary to tear off the ass from the sofa / chair / chair and give time to the loads, and active. No charging, push-ups and a hoop are equal in efficiency with running. Only he will split all the fat in the sides, pope and hands, which accumulated in the body for a long time.

Conclusion: be honest, first of all, with yourself and try to be, not to seem. Starting to act in this direction, you yourself will notice how your body is changing for the better.

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