What phrases should I avoid if you decide to lose weight?

What phrases should I avoid if you decide to lose weight?

It seems that sometimes we are for ourselves the main enemy in the matter of losing weight. Because the words we say before and after eating, have a huge impact on motivation and perseverance. You need to watch what you say, even if you do it only in your thoughts.

“You must not eat.”

Instead of enjoying the taste of food, you plan right away how to redeem yourself through more exercises, avoid another meal or give up snacks. In this regard, exercise becomes a punishment, and you feel that you must earn the right to eat.

Feeling guilty and depriving yourself of pleasure, these are the two most powerful emotional factors responsible for overeating. Food, punishment and repetition of these actions are pushed into a yo-yo trap. Change your attitude! Experts recommend that there is something that we love, enjoying it, paying attention to each piece. Assess the taste of dishes without regret or guilt.

“It is forbidden”.

Instead of making a list of foods that are banned from the menu, learn to enjoy your food and feel good, because this is one of the principles of stable weight loss. Important portion size, daily quota on calories, derived from sugar, fat and alcohol (250 ml per day for a healthy adult). If you are more active, you can slightly increase the daily number of calories.

“It did not work again.”

Forget about perfection in losing weight. Very often we come to a diet with the motto “all or nothing,” which leads only to feelings of guilt and overeating. It is better to approach this completely differently. If you ate more than was prescribed, then it’s okay – at the next meal, take this moment into account. Otherwise, a mistake in the form of an extra 500 calories, can change in 2000 calories to seize a sense of guilt.

“I’m starting on Monday.”

Usually, on weekends we eat pizza, snacks and alcohol. However, it should be understood that one intake of high-calorie food does not destroy the efforts of the whole week. Forget about it and go back to a healthy diet, choosing an apple or porridge for your next meal.

“I need this”.

You should always remember that you have the right, you have what you want. It’s okay if you eat something sweet from time to time. However, experts caution against treating food as a method of encouragement or comfort. Food is not able to solve problems, and treating it as a reward can lead to feelings of shame or guilt and reduce weight loss.

“I can not control the dependence on the sweet.”

To convince oneself that there is dependence on the sweet, this is programming itself, because in this way you send instructions to the brain on behavior. Instead of giving some products power over themselves, consider that you are free to choose what you eat.

“I can not control my appetite.”

The more you concentrate on fighting extra pounds, the worse the result. When you eat, relax. Believe in your ability to make decisions, because it’s about your health and well-being. Pay attention to what you eat, and, first of all, remember that healthy food can be tasty and pleasant. Do not give up your favorite dishes, but learn how to prepare a healthy and more nutritious food. If you like sweets, then for breakfast, eat porridge with fresh sweet fruits, raisins or slices of black chocolate. Is pizza always associated with the weekend? Cook it at home, with friends, using lots of fresh vegetables and less cheese.

Pay more attention to the development of healthy eating habits. And then you will not only lose weight, but also love food.

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