What kind of health problems can your face tell?

What kind of health problems can your face tell?

All women face the problem when looking at their reflection we are not satisfied with much, and sometimes just annoying. But what are we doing and doing at this moment? We immediately go to a beauty salon or shop for miraculous means. But are we doing the right thing, after all, in fact, we need to go to the doctor. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Gynecological problems

It was found that acne and eruptions in the area of ​​the “nasolabial triangle” indicate the disease of the ovaries, and by which side of the rash it is possible to establish with which ovary problems, if in the center there are problems with the uterus. If the age of a woman is not 30 years, and her cheeks are already sagging, then the balance of sex hormones is probably violated.

A heart

If you notice discoloration of the forehead zone, this indicates cardiovascular disease, especially if there is redness. On the forehead appeared a greenish-blue tinge, then this is an excuse to sound the alarm, it can speak about approaching a heart attack, especially if to these symptoms dizziness, palpitations, and pain in the left arm were added.

Stomach, digestive system

If there was a pimple on the nose, then of course you can say how everyone thinks of a secret admirer, but in fact it is worth considering about what you were eating the day before, because the nose area is directly connected with the stomach. Perhaps before that you have abused smoked, fried or fatty foods or ate a lot of chocolate. Red capillaries or spots on the bridge of the nose indicate the abuse of alcohol by you or about the stress that was carried out the day before.

Urinary system, kidneys

Peeling, irritation, dark or too light skin around the mouth and on the chin, tell us about the problem with the bladder and kidneys. In Chinese medicine, the opinion is widespread? That people with a small chin have weak kidneys, but it’s foolish to think that if you have a small chin, you will necessarily suffer from kidney disease.

Lung and large intestine

You have found an acne, spots, scaling on the right cheek, it can talk about an approaching cold, and it is possible and more serious problems with the respiratory system. Doctors have been noticed? That in people suffering from allergies, asthma or other illnesses affecting the respiratory system, skin problems on the right cheek are common.

Liver and gallbladder

The state of these organs can be judged by looking at its left cheek, any modification: redness, flaking and rash indicates the retention of toxins in the liver. If there are yellow spots under the eyes, this indicates stones in the gall bladder or high cholesterol, which is very dangerous.

So we dismantled our face “by the organs,” however strange it may sound. Watch your health, because with violations inside, no makeup can not help you hide it and even more so solve this problem. Not for nothing at all times a woman with lush hair, clean skin, a slim figure and a dazzling smile was considered full of health. Therefore, we can say with certainty that beauty and health are two factors that directly depend on each other. Be healthy and beautiful, dear women!

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