What is the method of family constellations

What is the method of family constellations

Not so long ago in the vastness of our country practicing psychologists began to apply the method of family constellations invented in the fifties by the German scientist Bert Hellenger for the rehabilitation of the post-war generation of German children who felt themselves children of the nonhuman fascists, felt at the same time a feeling of guilt that affected their psyche and Crippled the fate of many of them.

It should be noted that the method gives the impression of an absolutely otherworldly ritual, but, in the opinion of patients who received real help, is very progressive in solving interpersonal problems, especially it is effective against children. Until now, the use of family constellations has been mixed with religious leaders, but most of them come to the conclusion that if the practice brings real relief, then it has the right to exist.

Practice is conducted in such a way: a group of 7-10 people gather, preferably unfamiliar with each other. The person with respect to whom the placement is made gives each of the extras the role of one of the people close to him and randomly arranges them in space, while the extras (deputies) do not know what role they are playing. At this stage, there is an absolutely otherworldly effect – each of the participants in the arrangement begins to feel some emotions, which informs the host of the training. After some time, the patient rearranges extras, based on their feelings, the emotions of the deputies, as a rule, become more positive. Permutations continue until the client experiences absolute peace of mind. After that, a person can tell his story, but he may not tell.

Metaphysics is that the deputies, not knowing anything about the situation they play, involuntarily experience the emotions of real people, some of which have already passed away. After such a session, the patient experiences real relief, more often than not, he can solve the problems provoked by his children’s complexes or even acts committed by his distant ancestors.

Bert Hellenger established cyclical repetitions in the fates of close relatives. For example, if the grandfather died a violent death, the grandson is also under threat, reaching the age of the death of his grandfather. What is involved in the arrangement for extras is a separate issue. It is known that for some people, this resulted in nervous breakdowns, especially if they went to inexperienced builders. Therefore, it is necessary to apply this method with great care and only with experienced specialists, preferably at the international level, who have more than one diploma and many years of experience.

For example, in Kiev there is a wonderful center of Mirra and international arranger Irina Ishchenko. More details about the method can be read here: http://ishchenko.pro/

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