What is not recommended to do pregnant at home?

What is not recommended to do pregnant at home?

Pregnancy is the long-awaited and miraculous reincarnation of a woman. By the end of the second trimester, she already goes on maternity leave and becomes a hostage to her grown belly. But, what should a woman do with household chores, which she previously performed in the usual rhythm?

In this case, it is necessary to identify certain cases that it can no longer fulfill, and all the responsibility to lay boldly on the husband and relatives. After all, there are such household chores that can lead to serious problems with the health of the child, affect its development and the course of pregnancy. Therefore, every woman should know about this and try not to let their influence on themselves.

1. Washing the floors.

It would seem that such a washing of the sexes for a woman? This is the usual procedure during the cleaning of a house or apartment, but it is in the third trimester that washing the floors becomes a dangerous occupation. By the end of pregnancy, women become very fragile and vulnerable, the slightest overloads of the spine can be dangerous. At this time it is not recommended to lift weights, which include half a bucket of water. Do not bend over, turn and do sharp movements in the body. All this can provoke injuries of the spine and joints, which will be microscopic and will make themselves felt a little later.

2. Cleaning the house.

All cleaning should be limited in time and severity. Do not be zealous in bringing home to an ideal cleanliness, it can badly affect the health of the child. In addition, during cleaning, it is best to avoid using chemicals that can cause allergy or even poisoning. To all the rest, you do not need revenge with a broom, pulling up to wipe the dust off the cabinet, climb high areas and protrusions.

3. Washing.

Modern living conditions greatly facilitate the life of a woman. The presence of washing machines simplifies the whole process of washing, but it must be remembered that hanging clothes also should not be too active and sharp. Ironing the laundry better in a sitting position.

4. Work sitting.

Many women, when they are in a decree, are looking for an opportunity to do something useful and pass the time alone. They begin to look for hobbies and hobbies, many of which are held in a constant sitting position. That it does not cause discomfort and pain in the back, you need to put a special pillow, change position and get up more often.

5. Food cooking.

Without a kitchen can not exist, no hostess and pregnancy is not an obstacle in the manifestation of culinary talents. It must be remembered that the whole process of cooking is better to produce in a sitting position, do not stand too long at the stove and have more rest between the processes. And even better to get a multivariate, which will cook everything itself, while you enjoy a walk in the fresh air.

6. Care of animals.

If there is a pet in the house, care should be taken with hygiene and less contact with the wool and emptying of the animal.

Pregnancy is not an occasion for permanent lying position. A woman can actively carry out all the activities that are assigned to her. But in the event that she will have increased fatigue, pain in her back and legs, it is better not to overexert himself, but to cede some household chores to those around her. Do not be afraid to be weak and ask for help. Also, it is worth getting a pillow for a future mother, which will ease the pain in the back and help to relax.

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