What if I can not fall asleep?

What if I can not fall asleep?

Many people complain about problems with sleep, constant lack of sleep and chronic fatigue. The reasons for insomnia are many, scientists counted about 80. The question is what to do if you can not fall asleep? In this article you will find the answers.

Sleep is a natural mode of “recharging” the body. Try not to sleep the night, and everything will start to fall from your hands, which is fraught with further not only health problems, but also difficulties in everyday life. For those who suffer from insomnia, recommendations from specialists how to restore normal sleep will be very useful.

Refuse stimulating drinks in the afternoon. Coffee, tea, sodas and various energy are banned. It turns out that their action does not last for a couple of hours, as everyone thought, but up to the night, and if everything is clear with coffee and ice, and tea is not subject to discussion, tea still has a chance of consumption if it is with chamomile or mint, and ideally herbal.

Do not eat greasy food before going to bed. The rule is not after 6-7 pm not only relevant for those who want to lose a couple of extra pounds, but also for those who can not fall asleep for a long time. The fact is that a heavy stomach gives a signal to our brain that it is still active and thus does not give our head, let’s say “turn off”. When the food is already digested, as a rule, sleep as a hand took off. Therefore, just a few hours before bedtime, only that herbal tea or hot milk, as well as slow carbohydrates-vegetables, cereals and fruits.

Monitor the emotional state. It is unlikely that a person will be able to fall asleep in an inflated condition or during stress, then one must get ready for all the nerves and find a soothing hot bath, soothing aroma oils and quiet music. Also, it is advisable to look into the online bed-clothes shop and choose the kit that suits you, which will please you and your body.

Down with phones and computers. All this technique with its electric fields is not the best soothing for our nervous system, and besides it only distracts from sleep. Exit – turn off all equipment or at least put it away.

Remember the regime of the day. If within a week wake up and get up at a certain time, then soon the body will get used, and we will turn on and off at the right time. In the beginning, of course, it will be hard, but it’s worth it – and awakening will become easier and sleep better.

Remember, insomnia needs and can be overcome. Good dreams to all!

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