What helps a woman to store energy and what does it take?

What helps a woman to store energy and what does it take?

To a woman was happy and could make others happy, she needs to accumulate energy. But it’s not so easy to do, as it seems, because in the 21st century, a woman has a lot of things to do and she does not have time for herself. But if you study those things that are able to help accumulate energy and exclude those that are capable of killing it, then you can come to a state of equilibrium and learn to live in the so-called energy-saving regime.

What helps to save energy?

1) Various walks, including visits to new places, as well as active sports.

2) Sweet, for example, chocolate or a favorite cake.

3) Bath or shower, depending on the mood.

4) Shopping, it does not matter what purchases are made.

5) Preparation of new interesting dishes.

6) Music.

7) Conversations with friends, preferably not on the phone.

8) Diary or blog, records of personal life. Sometimes it can even be the maintenance of a page in social networks.

9) Your own hobby, maybe some creative things.

10) Communicate with children not from necessity, but from the heart. It can be interesting joint activities, walks, shopping.

11) Beauty salons or the opportunity to take time for a loved one.

All this list is vital for any woman. This, of course, does not mean that all business should be done every day. No, they should bring pleasure, only then the positive energy will accumulate, and not be rustled over trifles.

Walking in the fresh air helps to tone the body and soul. Children are charged with special energy, which is difficult to obtain from adults. Purchases, especially if they are committed to themselves or at home, are a natural necessity. Encounters with friends help to get rid of accumulated emotions. Music raises mood, and personal diary helps to reflect and very clearly formulate their thoughts.

In these things you should not deny yourself, otherwise life will turn gray and too casual, but where will the energy come from? And do not think that you can only do shopping with a large amount, it is enough to buy some nice trinket. The same applies to walks, not necessarily to go to another city, you can just walk along the local streets. Yes, and with friends to meet every day is not necessary. Regular meetings once a month are quite enough.

What takes energy?

But, in addition, that energy needs to be accumulated, it still needs to be able to not be wasted on various nonsenses, because the factors that can absorb positive emotions are much greater than those that can give it away.

1) Various quarrels, stupid arguments, gossip.

2) Deterrence of emotions.

3) Laziness.

4) Wrong way of life.

5) Constant complaints against people who are nearby.

6) Inability to say “no”.

7) Inability to stop communicating with people who cause negative.

8) Unwillingness to tidy up your own house.

9) Lack of self-care.

10) Constantly hear friends and relatives who complain about life. Various fears.

The whole list should be excluded from our lives to the maximum. Maybe not immediately, gradually, but such steps will give their results. And then the woman must be sure that she has enough energy for everything, and that in this way she was able to change not only her life, but also her life around herself.

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