What goes on in the body if you are doing your asanas?

Those who seek to comprehend how things work inquire:

What effect does yoga have on the physicality of one? When one holds and supposes a yoga pose, this action of bending and stretching at the joints eases feedback to the central nervous system. This is done by way of beds of proprioceptive nerve endings found within muscles and the joints. Proprioceptors supply advice about direction, location and speed of motion in addition to the number of muscle tension in a locality.

Yoga causes the central nervous system to react with suitable self-regulatory measures by encouraging suitable bio- mechanical use.

Self-management and self healing are the physiological reactions of the living body. The central nervous system takes the input signal from the proprioceptive nerve endings and by tightening and loosening muscles in an ordered manner enables one to hold that position. Compensatory adjustments are required by shifting equilibrium of any one part of the spinal column throughout it. Muscles react mechanically to stimuli from the nervous system which incorporates and controls the action of the entire body.

Flexibility is the complete and appropriate range of movement within the joints of the body.

Holding it and slowly moving into a suitable postural position provides for proprioceptive feedback which allows the nervous system to coordinate muscle activity. Stretches slowly shields their tendons from pull while opposition set up by holding the position increases muscle strength and muscle fibers. Stretch and improved muscle strength supplies flexibility, firmness and protection to the joints.

Massaging the nervous system or sparking the proprioceptive system is but one of the benefits of yoga. Development and the encouragement of appropriate structural alignment reduces strain on muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Appropriate alignment allows for better performance of the organ systems.

So also are the contents within, if body cavities are distorted. Distortion due to bad posture shifts the association of tissues within organs, resulting in the dysfunctioning of the system. A product of the distortion, pressure, reduces circulation through the area.

By preserving structural integrity of these systems by enhancing position, yoga supports the proper function of internal organs. Circulation enhances. The fluctuating internal pressures created by the various asanas encourage Nourishment to the entire system. This change in pressure improves cellular diffusion and osmosis.

Only, movement is life! By transferring us through bio-mechanically sound positions, yoga encourages a more healthy life. To say that yoga exclusively changes us physically would be denying the bigger reality of our existence. Nevertheless, it’s the profound effect that it’s on.


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