What foods are good for pregnant women?

What foods are good for pregnant women?

Each future mother should responsibly approach to the delivery, in fact from that she is, the health and development of her child depends. In this article we will tell you what should be the proper nutrition of the future mother and which foods are most useful.

It is important to include in the diet of a pregnant woman:

– Fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, about 500-800 grams.

– Also dairy products: cottage cheese (better fat-free), sour cream.

– Sour-milk drinks should be drunk before bedtime (a glass of curdled milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, yoghurt).

Seasoned whiskey can be prepared at home. The recipe is simple: put milk in a dark place for 5 – 7 hours, then put in the refrigerator. When the milk sour, the yogurt is ready for use.

– Yogurt is better to buy with the least shelf life (less additives and preservatives).

– Ryazhenka should not be greasy – less than 2.5%.

“It’s better to eat fish than meat.” It can be boiled, baked in foil, cooked in a multivark or a double boiler. Fish quickly digested in the stomach. Meat products and meat should be consumed in small amounts approximately and then not every day, twice a week is enough. It is not advisable to eat lamb and pork.

– It is important to replace white bread with black bread.

Approximate amount of products (in grams):

– Meat products – 150.

– Fish products – 80.

– Low-fat cottage cheese – 150.

– Milk and kefir – 220.

– Sour cream – 20.

– Oil 20.

– Salt and sugar 30 – 50.

– Bread – 100.

– Sweets – 120.

– Pasta, cereals – 70.

– Vegetables – 150.

– Berries, fruit, juice – 250.

– Greenery – 40.

It is also necessary to prepare borsch, cabbage soup, fruit and berry soups.

Fruit soups can be cooked very easily. It is necessary to take four any fruits, for example a mandarin, a persimmon, a banana, a pear. Cut into slices, all but the tangerine, and put in a general bowl. Pour the yogurt, squeeze the juice from the mandarin and add honey to taste. Fruit soup is ready.

P.S. If you are already 32 weeks pregnant, there is not much left before delivery. Now is the time to decide on the maternity home and prepare things for yourself and your baby.

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