What does yoga do?

Every morning when you wake up, you start the day with certain rituals of simple routine actions, which are repeated from day to day. Perhaps you consciously established this order. Or maybe it’s just a tribute to a long habit. Some people give themselves more time to cheer up in the morning. Some even manage to do their morning yoga complex. Others rush about the house, frantically trying to keep within the established minimum of time and not be late for work. In any case, the way you wake up and what you do in these first few morning moments sets the tone and mood for the whole day. And from these same moments depends on how successfully you manage to cheer up in the morning.

For many of you, the day begins about this way. He yells an alarm clock and immediately gets it over his head. You again plunge into a short dream. Alarm clock again for his. You groan and with a huge effort of will lift yourself off the bed and to the touch go to the bathroom. Still almost blindly pulling on clothes. You throw a sandwich into your bag. Run out the door. Together with your car or bus pour into the cork. And even if you are lucky to live in a big city near the metro, you are nervous, being afraid to be late for work.

Having reached the office, immediately make coffee, so as not to fall asleep, just dropping at the table, and disperse the fog in the head. Without any pleasure, you chew a sandwich. And you feel at the same time diffused, sluggish, broken and unhappy often until the evening, until the long-awaited time to go home. However, at home you are waiting for a million cases, and one that beckons you to yourself all day long bed, to which you rush just to a few hours to re-run your squirrel wheel. And if you still need to wake up the children in the morning, put them in order, deliver them in time to their destination and take them in the evening, then the level of stress is completely off scale. And the thought of the morning yoga complex with this style of life can not even accidentally sneak into the head

Do you recognize yourself? I hope no. But if you always wonder how to cheer up in the morning, try refreshing your morning ritual with simple actions that are good for your health and well-being. Just a few changes and additions will not only help to cheer up in the morning, but also make the beginning of your day more enjoyable, quiet, fill you with strength, energy and readiness to enter the new day. Having started on a happy and healthy note, you are likely to spend the whole day with a high probability.

It does not matter how you feel when you wake up. You just need to make a little effort to help your body get involved in the daytime mode of operation quickly and with optimal, so to speak, technical characteristics :).

1. Breathing exercises. Start with 1015 cycles of full yoga breathing. Continue Kapalabhati (breathing fire) to begin with, it is enough to master one approach from 54 breathing cycles, but eventually bring up to 3 such approaches. After each approach, rest, using the full yogic breath. From the fog in my head there will be no trace!

2. Warm water with lemon. Pour a little lemon juice into a glass of warm water and drink after breathing practices. It will moisturize your body, wash and activate the digestive tract. After completing several active exercises, you will provoke the cleansing of the intestines, and as a result, start the day with ease and be charged with energy. This is a great alternative to morning coffee! Warm lemon water is much more effective when you need to cheer up in the morning. A coffee ritual, if it is still necessary, it is better to transfer to lunch.

3. Physical exercises. To overcome morning weakness, finally wake up the body and disperse your inner energy, make some quick, invigorating asanas:

For example, several times alternate the dog’s posture with the muzzle downward (Adho Mukha Shvanasana) on exhalation with the dog’s pose facing upward (Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana) on inhalation.

Pose of the Dog face down, or Adho Mukha Shvanasana

Pose of the Dog face up, or Urdhwa Mukha Shvanasana

If the change in the position of the head relative to the heart in this bundle is harsh for you, alternate the dog’s posture first with the muzzle down (exhale) with the Plank (inhale), and then the Dog’s posture with the muzzle up (inhaling) with the Plank (exhalation).

Pose Planki

It’s a great way to wake up the spine, and with it all the body systems! Together with breathing exercises, even such a shortened version of practice can be called the morning complex of yoga.

Or make a few laps of the Surya Namaskar warm-up complex (Greetings to the Sun). Choose the option that you like, or alternate between different options. Gradually bring up to 12 laps.

Complex Greeting the Sun (Surya Namaskar)

Or be creative, add other asanas to the Sunshine and make up your own morning yoga complex. I can share one of my favorite options for the morning yoga complex.

4. Healthy breakfast. A great idea for a healthy breakfast is oatmeal!

Oats are the most rich in fiber among all available to urban residents of whole grains. Therefore, if you decide to finally improve your diet with vegetable fibers, then oatmeal is the easiest way to do this. Every day an adult should receive 28 grams of plant fibers, although we use an average of 15 grams at best.

Regular consumption of oatmeal food has a diverse and always beneficial effect on health. Never buy oats of a high degree of industrial processing all kashiminutki, 3 minutki and even 8 minutki are already extremely far from the state of whole grains. Useful oatmeal can not be cooked for less than 15 minutes!

What is the use of oatmeal – such a familiar, ordinary meal? I’ll try to motivate you for an oatmeal, healthy and healthy breakfast.

The most obvious benefit of oatmeal is that it improves the functioning of the intestines. Oatmeal porridge is an excellent remedy against constipation and even hemorrhoids. In parallel, the risk of colon cancer is reduced. Improves the work of the liver.

Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast, which for a long time gives a feeling of satiety, especially when compared to the empty calories of fast carbohydrates of bread and sweets. You will be less likely to snack on snacks with harmful high-calorie snacks during the day for chips, crackers and chocolate bars. Thus, due to the benefits of oatmeal for breakfast per day, you absorb fewer calories.

The more often you choose oatmeal for breakfast, the faster you will notice that the weight gradually decreases. For a year can quite get rid of several kilograms only at the expense of healthy breakfasts and the benefits of oatmeal!

The benefit of oatmeal is that it improves the health of the cardiovascular system. Fiber helps regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood, it picks up fats and bile salts, preventing them from entering the bloodstream. The more fiber, the less cholesterol, and hence the risk of heart disease. It is no accident that doctors prescribe oatmeal at the initial stage of hypertension, and also after a heart attack, because the magnesium contained in the oats helps to strengthen the heart muscle.

Regular healthy breakfasts based on oatmeal reduce the risk of diabetes type 2. First, oats improve the pancreas. Second, nutrition is always better regulated with a diet rich in fiber. Third, the tendency to reduce body weight also increases the chances of avoiding diabetes.

It is difficult to come up with a vitamin and a microelement that could not be used as an argument in talking about the benefits of oatmeal. After all, oats contain vitamins A, E, PP, H, group B. It is rich in silicon, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, choline, chlorine, calcium. Slightly less in oats, the content of such substances as sulfur, tungsten, boron, iodine, manganese, copper, molybdenum, fluorine, tin, selenium, titanium, zinc, zirconium and strontium.

Of the vitamins in oats, B3, or pantothenic acid, predominates, which is involved in the regulation of metabolism and nutrient absorption by the body. If a person receives less of this vitamin, his constant companion becomes lethargic and a breakdown.

A lack of silicon, which is rich in oats, is one of the causes of atherosclerosis, and also leads to a decrease in the strength of bone tissue.

The use of oatmeal grows in our eyes and thanks to potassium: it is not accidentally used for swelling and poisoning, as oats have a diuretic effect, removes toxins, helps purify the body.

Oatmeal is useful even for common colds, as it strengthens the immune system.

And to make oatmeal porridge not boring, try different additional ingredients! The main thing that they were healthy, did not contain refined carbohydrates and various chemicals under the guise of taste improvers. Nuts, seeds, dried fruits, berries and fruits the list of possible additives is endless! This breakfast will help you cheer up in the morning, fill with energy, which is so necessary to start a new day.

In addition, each such healthy breakfast is a long-term contribution to strengthening your health.

To make these small improvements to your daily ritual, you will need 1,530 additional minutes, but in return you will not only be able to cheer up in the morning, but live the whole day with a different mood, not to mention increasing efficiency and productivity.

Do not forget also about a healthy dinner … Whole-grain products will help out here. Here are a few ideas … And also read about 8 ways to overcome the breakdown during the day.

Thanks for 4 ways to cheer up, only for newcomers dog muzzle up is better not to do

Valery, a good time of the day! I am glad to greet a colleague on the pages of my blog … For beginners, I suggest simplified versions of “dogs”, up to the stop with their hands on the wall, the modes of execution (static, dynamic, interval, interval-circular), too, depending on the physical state and tasks to be solved in Including through practice. And how do you solve this problem?

I wanted to learn a simple yoga for men 45, etc., you show lovely, slender girls on exercises. A site for nice, slender girls.

Sergei, the complex Surya Namaskar does not refer to a complex yoga. Men practice the Greeting of the Sun even with great pleasure and zeal than women. And for beginners, any pose in the composition of this complex can be simplified, adapted to the capabilities of each engaged. And if you wrote this in general about my site, then let me disagree. I understand a lot, as you say, “simple yoga.” And, at the same time, useful! And the presence of cute slender girls in the illustrations – no reason to deny yourself a recovery))

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