What do you need to know for every diabetic?

What do you need to know for every diabetic?

In the modern world, diabetes, has risen one step with cancer. In some cases, it becomes so complex that it is almost impossible to completely cure it.

Diabetes occurs primarily in those who have thyroid disorders and the body is not able to produce the necessary insulin. And all, of course, are interested in the answer to the question, is it possible to cure diabetes?

If you follow the diet and all the indications of the treating doctor, this disease is really win at the earliest stages. In more neglected cases, when the disease is too severe, taking medicines, in combination with a diet, is simply a necessary condition.

If you choose a balanced and correct food, you can avoid the appearance of excess weight. An important rule remains that when forming your daily diet it is important to monitor the amount of carbohydrates, it should be in accordance with the norm.

With full compliance with all rules and regulations, the patient significantly increases energy, increases efficiency, a person begins to feel a surge of energy. It can also happen that a person begins to lose a sense of constant thirst, which is typical for such a disease.

Understanding the diet of a diabetic, you can see that the first place in it is occupied by carbohydrates. By chemical composition, these substances are similar to sugars. Three types of carbohydrates are divided:

Simple, or otherwise monosaccharides;

Complex – otherwise they are called disaccharides;

Very complex – disaccharides.

Similarly, carbohydrates, are divided into two large subgroups. The first is those that, when ingested, are easily absorbed into it. They are found in plant foods and other foods.

The second is very complex carbohydrates, the body is difficult to cope with them and, for the most part, they are not digested. To such bravely it is possible to carry pectin and cellulose.

Fruit and glucose are the fastest in the blood, while maltose and lactose are the slowest. Knowing such features, you can easily make a menu that does not harm the health of a person suffering from diabetes.

It is also necessary to know the basic rules that will additionally help to maintain a healthy diet:

– you need to eat every day. Often and in small portions;

– the number of meals should not exceed six times;

– It is necessary to refrain from eating sugar;

– fiber is the most necessary element in the diabetic menu;

– allowed a small consumption of fatty foods, but everything should be in moderation;

– presence of a fruit and vegetable diet is necessary;

– During the period of illness, you should stop using alcohol and wine.

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