What causes swollen legs?

What causes swollen legs?

Swelling of the legs may indicate the development of certain diseases, and may be a sign of fatigue or the load of the lower limbs. At the cellular level, it is the filling of the intercellular space with a liquid. Since its removal for a number of reasons is difficult, then, accumulating outside it has the appearance of edema.

What causes swollen legs?

Puffiness occurs when there are problems in the body with the withdrawal of excess fluid. Caused this may be the presence of diseases or a violation of the function of certain systems. The basis of the onset of puffiness is the three main processes:

Dysfunction of the kidneys

Disorder of venous or arterial blood flow

Dysfunction of lymphatic drainage

Elimination of the factor that provoked swelling of the lower extremities will lead to the withdrawal of the fluid naturally. If it comes to varicose veins, then the solution should be a special drug. Unjustified on some sites, for example, painted all the lies about the Varius gel from varicose veins. This kind of remedy perfectly removes the symptoms of the disease, one of which is swelling of the legs. At failures in work with kidneys preparations for reception inside are appointed, as external use of creams and ointments is ineffective in this case.

If a person is absolutely healthy, but the swelling of the legs with some periodicity he still occurs, then he needs to analyze the possible causes of their appearance. This can be excessive consumption of fatty foods and a large intake of fluid before bed. Incorrectly chosen shoes and the habit of sitting, throwing your foot on the leg, especially on soft chairs, also lead to such unpleasant consequences.

Rare causes of edema

There are such cases of swelling of the lower limbs, the cause of which is not so easy to establish. First, because they happen rarely enough. Secondly, they arise very rarely, so some can not even imagine that this can affect the body in this way. To such causes of edema can be attributed:


Restrictive pericarditis


Legs can swell when there is a violation of absorption processes, as well as dehydration of the body. When gipoterioze metabolic processes are violated, albumin and mucin accumulate in tissues. Water in this case begins to exert pressure on the walls, hence the external signs of the edema of the extremities appear. With pericardial disorder, the normal course of the blood flow is disrupted, and as a result, the feet are swollen.

Swelling of the legs in women and men

In the weaker sex swelling of the lower extremities is most often due to the peculiarities of the hormone cycle. Do not avoid edema during pregnancy, when the likelihood of developing varicose veins increases at times. May also suffer from varicose veins. In their case, the causes of the disease are different. But the same drugs can help both. Since the cause of edema in both sexes is the same, and drugs of this kind do not divide into male and female.

Men are more prone to problems with their legs, since they work on physically hard jobs. The main load they have exactly on their feet, puffiness is a protective reaction of the body. If you alternate the regimes of work and rest, then in the absence of diseases, the swelling of the feet will not bother you.

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