What can overeating lead to?

What can overeating lead to?

Eating food in front of a TV or computer, we do not notice how the overeating occurs. Stresses, nervous breakdowns, holidays – all these situations contribute to the adoption of extra food. Unfortunately, overeating becomes a bad habit and has a harmful effect on the body.

What is dangerous overeating?

Excess weight affects the work of the heart. Cardiac muscles are increasingly difficult to contract and saturate with blood all the new areas of fat tissue. The liver begins to work poorly, and since everything is interconnected in the body, a violation occurs in the whole digestive system. As a result of overeating, acute pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis with low acidity occurs. The load on joints leads to “early” wear, namely – to the development of arthrosis.

Due to overeating in women and men, thyroid function is disrupted, because of this, women become irregular in a cycle, and men may have intimate problems.

The increased load on the spine leads to curvature, there are problems with pressure. In addition, doctors from one large university conducted tests and found that among obese people, diabetes is much more common than that of lean ones.

How to prevent overeating?

To reduce the amount of food eaten, it is necessary to compile a so-called meal schedule. Each person will be different. Everything depends on the type of employment. Add more proteins, fruits and greens to your menu. Do not forget – the number of meals should not be less than four, but not more than six times.

Leading nutritionists say that the color of the dishes directly affects the appetite. It is worth trying this method, using dark colors. It is also recommended to remove from the diet products that increase appetite, or at least reduce their number. These include all spices, smoked products, salt. Choose foods without flavor enhancer.

There should be strictly at the kitchen table, preferably beautifully served, and not before the included TV or computer. During the meal, thoroughly chew everything.

Hang everywhere photos of slender people or get your favorite dress, which you become few. This will serve as an additional incentive to reduce the amount of food you eat.

Limit the reception of sweet. For some, this is heard as a “verdict”, but all cakes, cakes, sweets, cookies are sources of carbohydrates and only help to gain weight.

You should not change everything at once, introduce positive rules and habits gradually, it will help to achieve a good result.

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