Wellness with ginger

Wellness with ginger

Long ago, in the Middle Ages, ginger was brought to Europe by merchants from southern Asia and sold as a miracle cure for plague, growing only on the very edge of the earth under the protection of monsters. Since then, a lot of water has flowed, and ginger has won fame throughout the world.

Now ginger is widely added to confectionery, pastries, sauces, soft drinks, vegetable and meat dishes. It is marinated, sugared, boiled, rubbed, threshed, and sometimes used in raw form. Another ginger is an indispensable ingredient of the famous curry seasoning and no less famous gingerbread, ginger beer and Christmas cookies.

Per person ginger has an extremely beneficial effect: it increases the level of metabolism and slightly raises the pressure and body temperature, invigorates and speeds up the metabolic processes of the body. This, in turn, causes the body to spend more calories and greatly facilitates weight loss. In addition, ginger cleanses the liver, helps with nausea, inflammatory and catarrhal diseases, and men also with a decrease in potency. Ginger is useful for stress and nervous overload, as well as often accompanying appetite disorders and overeating.

If you want to start eating ginger for food, try to grate it finely and put it in a salad or brew of green tea, most importantly, do not overdo it with quantity. You can pour the thin root slices with boiled water and insist in a thermos, and then add lemon, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, honey or milk to taste. Note that the useful properties of ground or stale ginger are much lower than fresh, and the root on the cut must be white.

It must be remembered that this is a very strong, saturated spice, and it should not be abused under the threat of heartburn and other digestive disorders. Ginger is forbidden at all for pregnant and lactating mothers, allergy sufferers and people with diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Of course, ginger, despite all its remarkable properties, can only improve the body and normalize the metabolism of fats – will lose weight associated with the violation of fat formation processes. But magically “burn” honestly earned by the regular overeating and motionless weight of a kilogram will not work for any means.

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