We program a good mood

We program a good mood

We begin … with good positive thoughts. It has long been known that negative thoughts and emotions are the main enemy of a person, because they weaken him, make him sick, and positive – strong, healthy and happy. It’s easy to say – think positively, be an optimist. And how to do it, when, for example, lost a job or marital relations deteriorated noticeably?

To bring back freshness to married life, it is important to remember what attracted you most in your “half” and to think positively: my (my) beloved is the father of my children – the best, the kindest, etc. And it is even more often to arrange Holidays. In occasion of and without. With guests or only for two. And believe – everything will be fine! It is clear, in the modern world, when all the time there are some problems, to be an optimist is not easy. But, believe me, it is better to fall asleep with the thought that tomorrow you will have a happy and successful day, than to assume that tomorrow everything will be bad.

To get rid of bad mood, treat yourself to something delicious, such as chocolate, or listen to music that you like, try to relax and forget about all the troubles, immersed in the world of magic sounds.

Do not sit in four walls, suffering and regretting yourself, – break out into nature. Walking, do not look under your feet (although it should be done), and look more into the perfect and beautiful world of nature! Such walks as if the second breath open: return vivacity, fill the soul with light and harmony. Take yourself for the habit of smiling as often as possible – not to someone or something, but just like that. If you have constantly frowning eyebrows, it’s a disaster! Smile, reading these lines, begin right now to live a full life.

If you are already delicious and regretted a soothing bath and took the smile does not come off your face, and walked up to the bottom, and the blues do not go away – do not give up, continue to act, but more radically. Psychologists advise in a situation when the mood fell to zero, and you can not raise it, try changing your image. Where to begin? From the wardrobe. For example, if it is dominated by strict suits and blouses, move them farther into the closet, and instead buy and hang bright dresses (the brighter, the better). We dress new things as often as possible. Your new style surprised or even shocked loved ones? Great! And continue the experiment. Never or for a long time did not wear mini – wear, did not allow themselves jeans and sneakers – allow.

Do you feel positive changes? Perhaps, the mood has improved, and the views of others rejoice (they say, nothing acts so positively on the mood, as their attention)? So, move in the right direction. Then we go further: from a brunette to a blonde, red (and vice versa). Always proud of their long fluffy hair? Say goodbye to him and make a fashionable short haircut. Beauty!

Help to get out of the depressive state of violation of your own “taboo” – something that you never allowed yourself. Never become a commercial – try it. Afraid of heights – choose an attraction on which to overcome this fear. You think that you would not have eaten some roasted worm-bug, then try an original dish of oriental or African cuisine, etc.

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