We grow thin at home without hassle

We grow thin at home without hassle

More and more women are moving from the office home. And not only housewives, but also those who became a copywriter, a web designer, or just retired. And now we grow thin at home without hassle, because the sedentary lifestyle is not a reason to grow fat, and not everyone can go to the gym.

Calculate the amount of food consumed

Whatever one may say, but without any restrictions in eating, slimness can not be seen. Judge for yourself, if you constantly stay at home, then the temptation is once again tempting once again to refresh yourself with a slice of pie with tea or an extra cutlet. And some housewives in general are accustomed to eat for the company: with her husband, child, guests, parents. Try at least one day to control your regime, and you will notice that you have dinner and dinner more than once. In addition, if you constantly prepare delicacies and three-course meals, you first try, and then also eat with all. It turns out that you regularly overeat, not noticing this. To lose weight, pull yourself together and lead a food diary.

Watch TV with benefit

Admit that most of the day you spend under the TV. It is difficult to get out of this, but the main thing is to spend this time with benefit. Be sure to do something: iron, wash, prepare dinner, embroider, or in general do simple exercises for at least 15 minutes – only, please, do not eat. Eating should be a separate ritual. You need to spend it in the kitchen, without a computer and a book.

Learn to cook properly

To gain harmony and maintain weight, get used to replace the high-calorie ingredients in the usual dishes with less fat. Refuse the mayonnaise and other heavy sauces. Make a choice in favor of stewed and steamed products. Replace the pastry shops from the home store with low-calorie cakes. Fortunately, almost everyone has access to the Internet, where you can take recipes, but there are no problems with products for a long time.

Observe drinking regimen

Without water, nowhere. Not only does it not grow old before time, but it also removes toxins and toxins from the body, reduces appetite and accelerates metabolism. Do not think that you can drink everything – juices, tea, compote – do not count. And you will get out of the habit of drinking water only when you are thirsty – so you risk going to dehydration. Every hour and a half drink on a glass. As a result, for a day you will drink about 2 liters of water. If you go for a walk with a child, go out of town or on business, be sure to take water with you in the bottle – you can not violate the drinking regime.

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