We gain weight, if we do not get enough sleep?

We gain weight, if we do not get enough sleep?

Sleep or overeat? Each of us, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, needs a full sleep. After all, only the hours and minutes of sleep give the necessary rest to the body.

Today, many can not afford to sleep properly. Practically around the clock phones are ringing, television offers nightly sessions of exciting films, and from the computer in general it is impossible to come off. And the consequence is chronic lack of sleep. Let’s find the relationship between him and the process of increasing the weight of a person.

But it’s easier to assume that the more you sleep, the easier it is to accumulate extra pounds. The Americans decided to prove the opposite, and they succeeded. 70 thousand women participated in the experiment for 16 years. One half of them slept for 5 hours, the other – for 7 hours a day. Statistics estimated that 32% less weigh those who slept longer.

Do you want to be slim? Watch your health and leave enough time to sleep. Love your body and give it a rest.

Scientists representing the American National Sleep Foundation, point to a direct link between lack of sleep and metabolic disorders. Failure in the metabolism process results in the burning of the least amount of calories. The body requires sleep and begins to develop a stress hormone – cortisone, which instantly produces a feeling of hunger. The circle is closed. Weight gain continues.

“I sleep badly at night, because I love you …” A lot of people suffer from insomnia and sleep disturbance. She does not spare both young and old. Moreover, more often representatives of the weaker sex, because they are more easily exposed to psychological stress. A woman after a sleepless night can not work productively, she is irritable, easily falls into depression and is not protected from obesity.

“Leave, I beg, insomnia!” Let’s list the main signs of the negative impact of insomnia:

– Weaken the function of the human body to break down carbohydrates. The consequences of this are an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood and the addition of extra pounds;

– the level of the growth hormone of the protein decreases, which immediately accompanies the violation of the ratio of the proportions of fat and muscle mass;

– blood pressure rises. A woman suffering from insomnia is more prone to cardiovascular disease.

Today, medicine is able to help a person who suffers from insomnia. When choosing medicines, you need to discuss with the attending physician the question of their individual intolerance. If there are concomitant diseases that lead to sleep disturbances, consult a doctor of the appropriate profile. It is very important, as well, to combine medical treatment with physical exercise, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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