We fight with gingivitis

We fight with gingivitis

Having bitten off an apple, the fruit found blood? Inflamed gums are a cause for concern. Especially if this is repeated more than once. Not paying attention to the inflammation of the gums, you can get gingivitis.

Cause of the disease

One of the main reasons that provoke the appearance of gingivitis, is plaque on the teeth, due to insufficient care of the oral cavity.

Among the secondary provocateurs, smoking, a lack of vitamins and the intake of certain medications can be identified. At the age of 25, wisdom teeth can grow.

Danger of disease

During the course of gingivitis, bleeding, swelling and tenderness of the gums are observed. If the disease does not fight, it goes into a chronic form and the gums can bare the neck of the tooth, which is covered with a gray bloom and ulcers. In some cases, the disease flows into periodontal disease, which will easily deprive the tooth.

How to fight

At home, curing gingivitis is difficult. Tooth deposits can be completely removed only by the dentist.

Inflammation is removed by rinsing.

Recipes for rinsing the inflamed gums

1. 30 gr. Flowers chamomile pharmacy pour 200 gr. Boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Infusion should be filtered and put a little honey into it.

2. Take a teaspoon of soda for a glass of warm clean water and dissolve.

3. Instead of chamomile, you can take sage. It is brewed in the usual way.

4. Purity and oak bark are taken in equal proportions and poured with boiling water.

Rinse your mouth with infusion after eating. If the doctor appoints, you can do the applique on the gums.

What you should not do

Some believe that it is better not to injure the gums while brushing your teeth. That is, to touch the gums during the morning procedure are afraid. But, even with gingivitis, it is important to gently massage the gums. In this case, the brush is better to change soft.

In the fight against disease it is useful to include in the diet liver, seafood, nuts, apples, dog rose and seeds.

How to remove plaque

In the dental office, the plaque is removed by ultrasound. At the second stage, the teeth can be polished with special brushes from all sides. Also use paste. Having skipped this important step, a week later the raid will reappear, as fine particles quickly stick to the rough enamel.

In the presence of a strong plaque, the procedure is performed in several steps.


To avoid insidious disease, it is important to regularly and thoroughly clean the surface of the teeth and mouth. One reading is not enough. It is important to remove plaque and between teeth with floss.

Do not use hard toothbrushes. Whitening pastes should be used a couple of times a week, not more often. The dentist needs to be visited annually, if necessary, to immediately begin treatment of gums or caries.

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